Persistent has worked with many major communications and network providers over the decades, driving both digital transformation and product development. Historically, we have leveraged our Product engineering heritage to build new products and solutions, maintain networks and help develop the industry’s compute foundation with cloud infrastructure. Yet for all of Persistent’s past success, I believe the opportunity before us is much greater. With the rollout of 5G and focus on both B2B and B2C services, this industry continues to be at the forefront of some of the most pressing digital transformation and customer experience challenges across the technology industry.

We have outlined before how 5G is transforming the communications industry. Driven mainly by IoT and AI technologies, it has the potential to deliver new use cases and applications in enterprise, industrial and public infrastructure domains. This will mean new opportunities and challenges about how telecoms build and operate their networks with heightened requirements around cloud infrastructure and ease of network deployment and management.  On the Media side, 5G is likely bring a whole new approach to media distribution and consumption at home. Amidst all this, the pandemic has acted as a true catalyst causing a digital disruption of sorts and accelerating the otherwise slow pace of new technology adoption.

With the opportunities ahead of us, I am thrilled to take on this leadership role at Persistent. My background spans the communications industry including telecom, semiconductor, software and ISVs. I have led customer programs to bring offerings from “concept to market” – enabling them to launch new services into market to gain revenue traction.

I have experienced how each wave of networking technology – 3G, 4G and now 5G – has brought its own challenges and opportunities. I see the space evolving into a hybrid hardware/software model as we’re seeing more connected devices and sensors – smart edge solutions – and of course cloud platforms and software-as-a-service is having a dramatic effect.

Even beyond the near-term opportunities, I see the 5G opportunity as the common denominator and backbone for many of the industries. As 5G roll-out and adoption becomes mainstream, it will have a big impact on both consumers and enterprises. We are already witnessing generational shifts being made in several areas such as Autonomous Cars, Robotics, Smart City, Industrial Automation, Connected Healthcare, and Immersive Entertainment.

Filling the Skills Gap

Persistent already has a foundation in cloud integration, accelerators and best practices for our communications practice. We also bring significant product development heritage, which remains a challenging area for our clients to hire the right skills for. We can help communications companies focus on next-generation products while we maintain or carveout the legacy products. These are often the revenue generators, which must be protected at all costs, but can make focusing on innovating new services challenging. This model frees up the client to focus on innovation.

We continue to build our bench strength of talent. We are actively recruiting developers – the people who love cracking code such as React, Python (front-end), Java, C++, C# (back-end), and those working in the DevOps/Cloud technologies and transformation space.

On the domain side, we’re recruiting across the network management space, those familiar with unified communications, collaboration and wireless skills – 4G and 5G networks – and how they are deployed, managed and operated in the real world.

Come join the Persistent team! Explore some of our open positions around the globe:

Paris, France:

Mobile Automation Engineer– Seeking a Quality Assurance Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience who will be responsible for the creation of tests to identify issues in mobile products before launch.

Cloud/Nework Automation Engineer– Seeking a Quality Assurance Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience who will be responsible for the creation of tests to identify issues before the launch of cloud and network products. The work focuses on software that implements network protocols and services that are integrated together to create a product.

Guadalajara, Mexico:

Front End Developer– Front-end Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience to build applications using cutting edge technologies like Angular, NgRX, RxJS, GoLang, Node, and AWS.

Node Developer– Back end Node.js Developer with 2+ years experience in back-end development and 5+ years experience with Javascript. Responsibilities include implementing business logic and developing APIs and services with primary focus on development of all server-side logic, definition, and maintenance of databases, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. 

Java Developer– Java developer with 5+ years experience in coding, testing and back-end solution development. Responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users.

Site Reliability Engineer– Software developerwho will build and support reliable, high capacity and well-performing systems in support of our mission to reimagine learning for millions of students and learners worldwide. As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will work in a small cross-functional team accountable for telemetry, cost, security, performance and reliability in infrastructure.

United States:

Program Manager– (San Jose, CA)- Technical program manager with 10+ years experience to partner with the strategy and operations director and product and program managers to define and execute core projects and develop new processes to ensure the unit’s priorities are being accomplished in an agile manner and with high quality.

Cloud Site Reliability Engineer– (California/Oregon)- Site reliability engineering leader with 3+ years of experience in Containers Kubernetes, networking configuration and systems administration experience on a public cloud platform (AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI etc.).

QA Selenium Automation– (San Jose, CA)- QA Selenium Automation leader with Python, networking and Selenium experience along with networking knowledge, to automate test cases which involve UI test cases.

Python Back End Fullstack Developer– (San Jose, CA)- Python back-end fullstack developer with 6+ years experience. The ideal candidate will have exposure to Network QA, CCNA/CCNP and Exp in Linux, with full stack experience who can produce scalable software solutions.

Infrastructure Site Reliability Engineer– (Seattle, WA)- Infrastructure-focused site reliability engineer with 2+ years experience in Containers Kubernetes and HDFS. Experience supporting/managing systems at scale (10s thousands to 100s thousands instances) is a big plus.


Sr. Manager – Cloud Devops– DevOps engineer responsible for managing operations. The position is highly technical and balanced between engineering, operations and management roles. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who can act independently, lead other team members, and represent operations core values across the organization

.NET Core Developer– .NET core developers with experience in coding to buildi software using languages and technology of the .NET framework. You will create applications from scratch, configure existing systems, and provider user support.

Java Developer– Seeking Java developers with experience in coding, testing and proposing solutions in the back-end, develop web-services and apply best practices for quality. Responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and users.

PHP Developer– We are looking PHP Developer, with hands-on experience of best practices in System Design using OOAD and Design Patterns. Responsible for developing and coding all server-side logic, maintaining the central database, and responding to requests from front-end developers.