Hackathons are synonymous with Innovation and Collaboration and each year we hold our global hackathon, Semicolons, to do just that with an addition of fun. Since 2011 Semicolons has brought together teams from all global locations of Persistent, with our customers and partners, to innovate as one; and this year was no different. Even with the ongoing Pandemic, we were able to engage distributed teams, working remotely, and support them in the new virtual edition of Semicolons.

Participating teams had the opportunity to display their creativity by solving problem statements from business leaders within Persistent as well as our customers. Some came up with their own ideas and business solutions.

Teams pitched innovative solutions like fraud detection using machine learning, ‘Minority Report’ like gesture-based experience for health-care workers, and AR-enabled immersive and interactive, customer service experience.

  1. Team Chasqui bagged the first prize with their automated digital KYC solution, where the KYC (Know Your Customer) was generated using the Dun & Bradstreet API and AWS Texttract. This could then be shared as a Verifiable Credential with other parties on the Hyperledger Indy network. The verifiable credential can be presented to other entities that need not repeat the KYC process if there is a mutual trust relationship between the issuer and the verifier, thereby significantly reducing onboarding time, customer friction, and customer acquisition costs.
  2. Team Solidarity walked away with the Runners up prize. They won over the judges with their first-in-market solution in the field of privacy-preserving AI. These techniques allow the training of ML models over sensitive data. The easy-to-use framework unifies multiple techniques in one consolidated UI platform for data scientists and product managers and brings cutting-edge privacy-preserving techniques on one platform.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participating teams.

Pandurang Kamat
Pandurang Kamat
Chief Technology Officer