Persistent Mexico is one of our key delivery centers globally. Since 2016, this center in Guadalajara has been growing fast and delivering incredible work. Today, our talent, technology, and agile best practices drive digital solutions and innovation for enterprises at an impressive scale. And we’re just getting started, which makes PSMEX an excellent place to supercharge your career growth.

Fair warning: Our spirit of innovation and commitment to client success are contagious!

When you join our team, you’ll find yourself pushing boundaries and challenging norms to help clients solve their business problems and implement creative technology solutions that have a material impact.

Working with teammates who pursue excellence means you’ll hold yourself to a higher standard as well, which will help you become your best self and expand your horizons. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, keep reading! 

Hear what our team members say about working at PSMEX.

PSMEX wants to help you develop a career you’re passionate about.   

We love helping passionate people fulfill their potential! When you work with us, you will:

  1. Learn from the best

    Work with professionals around the world who have created some of the most revolutionary solutions in their fields – solutions that come from being Ingenious in transforming new ideas into tangible business solutions, Responsible for our client’s and colleagues’ best interest, Persistent in the face of complexity and rapid change, and Confident about meeting any challenge. These are values that you will imbibe rapidly as you work with us.

  2. Make an impact

    As a trusted Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization partner, we combine deep technical and industry experience to help our clients anticipate what’s next and answer questions before they’re asked. Our offerings and proven solutions create a unique competitive advantage for our clients by giving them the power to See Beyond, Rise Above. At Persistent, the work you do always results in real, tangible impact.

  3. Gain industry knowledge that will define your career

    At PSMEX, we help you develop an industry focus either within a specific account or across multiple industries in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance; Healthcare & Life Sciences; Industrial, Software & Hi-Tech; and Telecom & Media.

    In addition, you can access more than 350 courses and training opportunities via Persistent University, a world-class learning platform for our employees and clients. We also have a Top Talent program that is designed to help you achieve your best, with multiple benefits for your career.

  4. Unlock your creativity and innovation

    We constantly encourage and support all our employees to participate in global hackathons such as Semicolons, Call for Code, Code Gladiators, and more. Through the years, there have been several winners from our center, helping us make an impact on a global level. Who knows – you could be one of them soon!Participating in these hackathons is a great way to explore out-of-the-box ideas from around the world. For example, at last year’s Semicolons hackathon, teams pitched innovative solutions like fraud detection using Machine Learning, a ‘Minority Report’ like gesture-based experience for healthcare workers, and AR-enabled immersive and interactive customer service experiences.Call for Code is another great initiative we participate in annually – a global initiative created by David Clark Cause with founding partner IBM, which is the largest tech-for-good challenge of its kind. At Call for Code 2020, 124 Persistent employees participated while working from home and 7 impressive ideas were selected for execution.

    At Persistent, hackathons aren’t just something we love doing – they’re something we’re really good at! That’s why we’ve won the Coding Power House Award at Code Gladiators multiple times.

  5. Experience a multicultural environment

    We encourage our employees and centers to celebrate cultural events. Our global ‘Life at Persistent’ initiatives include multiple events throughout the year that allow us to learn from different cultures. Some of these include the International Day of Yoga, a 21-day yoga challenge, and our well-loved annual events such as Pulse and the Persistent Run.

  6. Make a global impact through meaningful CSR work

    We run multiple programs to support our extended communities through the Persistent Foundation. Our high-impact programs in health, education, and community development bring lasting change to diverse beneficiaries at the grassroots level. We are humbled to aid in COVID-19 relief efforts in our communities by providing food and medical support. Learn more about our CSR work through the Persistent Foundation here.

    Give your career and personal development a boost at Persistent Mexico. Don’t wait – explore our open positions here!

Front End Developer: Persistent is looking for Programmers/Leads and Architects with a keen eye for design. Front-End Developers will be responsible for ensuring the alignment of web design and user experience requirements, optimizing web pages for maximum efficiency, and maintaining brand consistency across all web pages, among other duties.
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Test Automation Specialist: Persistent is looking for a highly skilled test automation engineer. The test automation engineer’s duties include designing automation scripts and finding solutions for automation problems. The ideal candidate should be committed to developing up-to-date solutions.
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Python Developer: Persistent is looking for a Python Developer to join our engineering team and help us develop and maintain various software products. Responsibilities include writing and testing code, debugging programs, and integrating applications with third-party web services. The ideal candidate should have experience using server-side logic and work well in a team.
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L2/L3 Support Engineer: Persistent is hiring L2/L3 Support Engineer who has experience in solving related complex issues. The ideal candidate should be an expert in their domain and able to handle the most difficult problems. Responsibilities include code changes, research, and develop the solution for challenging new or unknown issues.
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Security Architect: Persistent is hiring a Security Architect with responsibility for designing, building, testing, and implementing security systems within an organization’s IT network. The ideal candidate should have a thorough understanding of complex IT systems and be up to date with the latest security standards, systems, authentication protocols, and best practice security products.
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Java Web Developer: Persistent is looking for Java Developers with experience in coding, testing and purpose solutions in the Backend side, develop web-services and apply the best practices for quality. Responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users.
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.NET Developer: Persistent is looking for experienced and ambitious .Net Developer to join our team. As a .NET Developer you will be involved in design, development, coding, customization, configuration, testing, and deployment in support of enterprise packaged solutions.
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Salesforce Administrator: Persistent is looking for a Salesforce Administrator to be responsible for the overall configuration and operation of Salesforce tools for all user groups. The Salesforce Administrator will perform testing, implementation, documentation, and updating tasks for the Salesforce system and other integrated applications.
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Salesforce Business Analyst: Persistent is looking for a Salesforce Business Analyst to join a team responsible for delivering enterprise cloud technology solutions. This role will wear many hats and will be responsible for everything from requirements gathering, Salesforce configuration, testing, training, and post deployment support. You will work alongside Solution Architects and Technical Architects to design, develop, and deploy large-scale enterprise solutions.
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Salesforce Developer: Persistent is looking for a Salesforce Developer responsible for all code-based solutions within Salesforce or involving data migrations, systems integrations and 3rd party applications. This role will work closely with the Salesforce Administrator and Business Analyst to develop solutions that support business requirements and drive key business decisions.
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