The end of March 2018 saw the much-awaited return of Smart India Hackathon! The second edition had over 1200 shortlisted student teams battling it out for top honors; selected from a very competitive pool of 12,000+ contenders. And we’re only talking about the Software Edition here! The grand finale that flagged off on March 30th, 2018 was a 36-hour run packed with brilliant teamwork, mentoring sessions and a tête-à-tête with Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

Smart India Hackathon 2018

The phenomenal success of Smart India Hackathon rides high on its underlying premise that brings digital solutions to support nation building, by enabling its bright youth to take on the mantle. Thousands of technology students built innovative digital solutions for problems posed by different Union Ministries, Departments and State Governments. It’s only a matter of time till we see some of these exceptional solutions in action!

A major highlight of the hackathon was Prime Minister Modi’s address and discussion with the teams. In line with his dream of a Digital India, he called for developing an ecosystem that builds a culture for innovation in the country. Smart India Hackathon, the biggest open innovation model of its kind, strives to provide just that! With budding technology geniuses and entrepreneurs, the goal of becoming a technology powerhouse of a nation, appears well within reach.

Smart India Hackathon 2018

We leave you with some numbers we crunched on the Highlights of this year’s Software Edition and do stick around for updates on the Hardware Edition, come June 2018!

Smart India Hackathon 2018 Software Edition