The ability to continuously transform itself by design applies to Persistent in the same way as it applies to customers in their digital transformation journey. The career experience of our employees and the service experience for our customers will guide our continuous transformation.

People are the biggest asset for any company, and especially so in our business. Jack Welsh has famously said that no company, small or big, can win in the long run, without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it. An expanding global footprint reshapes our culture, as does the changing mix of generations in our workforce. We strive to provide personalized experience to this workforce from hire-to-retire, at every touch point of their career progression. We aspire that our employee’s Life at Persistent should be and will be the most rewarding experience of his or her lifetime. Our efforts in the transformation of our employee experience has been recognized and won awards at various industry events. No surprise that this transformation is based on the same “how” of digital and the vision of being software-driven in business that drives our customer value proposition.

The journey of continuous transformation which we have committed ourselves to, will change our culture, processes and systems. Such a transformation should strengthen and accelerate the growth of our business.

Persistent is recognized for its leadership in software product development. We are defined by our agility and software product DNA. We nurture it with hackathons that have engaged employees in what they do best for many years now, and more recently with partners and customers. I have had an unique privilege to be a part of Persistent in its earliest years when this software product DNA got defined, before coming back in 2011 to lead service delivery for product engineering services. The opportunity to empower and enable teams and the Company to achieve success excites me the most about my role to lead the newly-formed Corporate Operations Unit. It will be a continuous journey of transforming our experiences, exploring new ideas, implementing initiatives and embracing the challenges of the future.