Dreamforce 2018 is upon us. This event is the trailhead: the start of the journey where you get to plan your adventure. So load your backpack and let us help you on the Salesforce journey as we cross the rocky mountains of software innovation and find your true north: that point where you understand and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Team Persistent Systems at Dreamforce 2018

So where exactly will the journey take you? Pick from these spectacular trails…

Engage 360: from contextual search to proactive  

Arming your support and service teams with the right information is crucial to customer happiness. To start the trail, collect the right information and gather the collective knowledge from across your organization. Where the journey leads is to predict what your customers need before they ask and offer at scale a personalized five-star service.

Patient eXp: communities of healthcare customers 

Creating communities where healthcare customers help each other is on the horizon. Start this trail with the Lightning Bolt solution: a complete view of patient data integrated into the Salesforce CRM. Over time this community becomes, like a vital organ, organic in its growth and a vibrant core to your business.

One Logger: customer interactions recorded 

It is vital for your sales teams to accurately record customer interactions so you understand their needs. At the trailhead is One Logger, the app your sales teams need to track every lead and contact. The end goal? Understanding your prospects so intimately that you can provide your sales teams with a personalized path for every single one.

Loan Origination System: instant loan approval 

When sellers can offer the right loans to the right prospects, your business accelerates with minimal risk. This journey starts with tracking the loan as it moves through different stages to approval. Signposts for your business comes in the form of dashboards and analytics for your ops and management team.

Software & Tech: the perfect offerings for ISVs 

We understand that as an ISV you are under tremendous pressure to lower initial costs and minimize the impact of upgrades and integration on your customers. We can guide you along the path to SaaS-enable your products across the whole spectrum of the Salesforce portfolio. We can help you plot the path to incorporating emerging technologies like AI and blockchain into your business.

Banking & Finance transformation 

Keeping abreast of the huge advances in FinTech is no small task. We can help you navigate a financial landscape where intelligence and business process automation is the currency of differentiation. We’ll take you safely and securely to the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud so you can embark on the journey to personalized, proactive customer care.

So, wherever you are on your journey, come see us at Dreamforce 2018 and we’ll be with you every step of the way from the trailhead to the endpoint of ultimate customer satisfaction. You will find us at Booth #1917 and Healthcare Kiosk #4.