The Company continued to maintain its growth momentum during FY 2015-16 by registering revenue of ₹ 23,123.31M (USD 351.65M) against ₹ 18,912.52M (USD 308.54M) for FY 2014-15. The revenues contribution was as follows: OPD – 52.4% (58.6% in FY 2014-15), Enterprise – 26.5% (22.3% in FY 2014-15) and IP led – 21.1% (19.1% in FY 2014-15).

The change in business-mix is partly attributed to change in market dynamics, with many software product companies realigning their business models, and also due to our increased focus on EDT and platform-led sales growth.

On the margin front, Earnings before interest, depreciation and taxes in absolute terms grew by 6.0% during FY 2015-16 and stood at ₹ 4,137.86M (17.9%) as compared to ₹ 3,903.47M (20.6% in FY 2014-15) mainly because of higher revenue from global delivery centers i.e. 28% of total revenue (24.8% in FY 2014-15). Credit goes to our global footprint, higher platforms-led revenues which are more onsite-centric and our investment in sales and marketing.

Overall, the PAT for FY 2015-16 was ₹ 2,973.61M (12.9% of revenue) against ₹ 2,906.31M (15.4% of revenue) for FY 2014-15 with a growth of 2.3%. The foreign exchange gain reduced to ₹ 147M in FY 2015-16 (₹ 469M in FY 2014-15) mainly because of USD appreciating sharply and the spot rate coming close to the hedged rate. The outstanding hedges at the end of FY 2015-16 stood at USD 104M at an average rate of ₹ 69.74 per USD. Our dividend payout was ₹ 8 per share for FY 2015-16 at 25.9% ratio as compared to ₹ 7.50 per share for FY 2014-15 at 24.8% ratio (excluding Special Silver Jubilee Dividend of ₹ 2.50 per share).

The Annual Investor Day was held on 4th December 2015 at Hinjewadi where we showcased some of our offerings and solutions. We thank our investors for taking time out for this event.

Priorities for 2016-17

The changing market dynamics present interesting and challenging opportunities. We will continue our focus on growth, through disciplined investments and resource allocation. As a part of the recent alliance with IBM, we are a preferred partner with IBM, to take our solutions and services to Industry 4.0 customers, where the idea of software-driven things is a major driver for digital transformation.

I am grateful to our investors for their continued support. I take this opportunity to thank our outstanding finance and secretarial teams. We will strive to do our best  every day.