Your day to day work is about delivering business outcome from your engineering solution. Anything that hinders that is a cost. Every problem that arises can at worst put your business at risk, and even at best will consume application and IT resources to deal with, draining your operating budget.

The availability, performance and stability of your system is made of multiple layers. Any problem that arises will require a wide range of skills to investigate and fix. Application issues are in the context of a full chain:

  • Network
  • Security
  • Firewall
  • Operating system
  • Database
  • Application server
  • Application itself in your personal context

Having the right skills in place to support all this is thus a continuous investment and an operation cost pressure.

Persistent understands the problem and has all the skills necessary, like no other company. Not only did we help create and now develop ELM, but we do this using ELM itself, so like you, our business depends on keeping ELM systems running, in our case to support hundreds of designers, developers, and testers around the world. So, we have the full range of necessary skills, expertise, and practices inside the company.

You can get this unique skillset with a flexible pricing scheme aligned with your SLA, either on cloud or on-premise. Managed Services contracts can be tailored to be aligned with your needs, with a controlled and agreed cost. And as Persistent is a global company, support can be offered up to 24 hours a day, and costs can be optimized leveraging offshore resources.

This is why relying on Managed Services for ELM from Persistent is a sound and good business decision.