My previous post on this topic explored how Oracle IdM 11gR2 brings innovation in the Enterprise IAM product space. This post describes how the platform approach of Oracle IdM 11gR2 can benefit enterprises and the business drivers that will fuel the adoption of Oracle IdM 11gR2.

Platform Approach: Changing the way Enterprises adopt, deploy and maintain IAM solutions

Traditionally deploying an Identity Management solution has been a time consuming process. The platform-based holistic approach and tight integration of 11gR2 with Fusion Applications promises to significantly reduce deployment time and provide lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to enterprise customers. Here are a couple of instances that will prove valuable to customers in the long run.

  • Durable UI Customizations: Say goodbye to IdM deployments requiring complex customizations to the vendor provided user interface. These modifications are typically done by manually changing the Java code and re-deploying the application. The 11gR2 UI makes the use of a durable configuration framework based on Oracle WebCenter and ADF technologies, enabling faster UI customizations and omitting the need to write a single line of code. These customizations are durable i.e. upgrade process does not impact the UI customizations
  • Availability of common security platform: Oracle Fusion Applications are widely deployed within enterprises and include HCM, CRM, SCM, etc. The newer versions of Fusion Applications make use of the same building blocks that are part of the Oracle IdM Suite. Enterprises looking to deploy or upgrade Fusion Applications and 11gR2 IdM Suite will benefit significantly from the interoperability and synergy present between the two suites.

Business drivers that will fuel adoption of Oracle IdM 11gR2

In the months to come, the following business drivers are likely to fuel the adoption of platform-based Identity Management offered by Oracle IdM 11gR2.

  • Traditional IAM Business Drivers: Customers intending to derive typical benefits of IAM such as enhanced user experience, improved regulatory compliance and increased operational efficiencies
  • Transformation and Modernization Business Drivers: Customers intending to modernize and transform their existing B2C offerings by adopting trends in cloud, mobility and social domains
  • Upgrade Business Drivers: Customers intending to upgrade from existing 10g to 11gR2

As a trusted Oracle Partner and established system integrator in the IAM, cloud, mobility and social domain, we are excited about the range of innovative solutions that we can offer to enterprise customers irrespective of the business driver that shapes the IdM initiative.