Case Study:

Global Military and Aerospace Manufacturer

Collaborative Intelligence between a Global Military & Aerospace Manufacturer and his network of providers accelerate time to market, meeting regulations, improving quality and reducing costs powered by Dassault’s 3DExperience platform:

Leading Defense Contractor

  • Helicopters
  • Military applications
  • Commercial applicationsm
  • Supports 40+ countries

Collaboration between OEM and Suppliers

  • To exchange design data including parts, BOM, CADdata, docs
  • Supporting PLM and change management process data
  • To synchronize BOMs

Current solution shortcomings

  • Does not support supplier data transfer
  • Usability and data integrity issues
  • One-way transfer of parts data and documents between OEM and Suppliers

A Web-based UI that provides

  • Extraction of all Suppliers and OEM’s data
  • Automatic and on demand supporta
  • User friendly BOM Compare & Reconciliation
  • One step process to transfer Parts and Documents at the same time
  • Establishes a framework to expand BOM analysis capabilities without much customization

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