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Xoserve drives data transparency using IBM ELM tools

Using IBMs Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution to access critical data securely within hours instead of days

Understand how Persistent helped Xoserve maximise the value from their IBM ELM investment and manage their data better


Xoserve hold data from different sources that is critical to the UK gas market. Due to ever changing regulation in the energy sector, they needed to understand what data is valuable, what can be shared and what their obligations were before sharing it with stakeholders.


By moving to IBM ELM SaaS (Software as a Service), Xoserve removed dependency on internal infrastructure and ensured high availability at all times. Xoserve needed to refresh UK system which had been operated over 15 years. IBM ELM was critical to enabling a central repository to store documents and work from them.

By using the IBM solution, the data input into the system is now accessible by various stakeholders such as business analysts which allows Impact analysis to be undertaken faster. Teams can now access the data in hours rather than days. Persistent has helped Xoserve to utilise functionality not being used before within the IBM ELM suite and help to import vast amounts of data into the tool that can be stored securely, analysed and worked in line with Xoserve processes.

Technologies Used

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management on Cloud

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