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Persistent’s ChemLMS is a stable, secure, highly configurable LIMS solution for the complete lifecycle of analytical information. ChemLMS provides a custom and sophisticated solution for tracking samples and automates routine laboratory tasks, even in high-volume production environments. ChemLMS eliminates paper-based laboratory tracking calculations and limit checking as well as enhances reporting and trend analysis; consequently improving productivity and enabling faster execution of laboratory activities.

Features of ChemLMS

Persistent undertakes the complete development around ChemLMS product roadmap as well as the roll-out of new releases including customizations around functionality, workflow and scalability.

  • QC readiness including comprehensive QC-specific features
  • Complete LIMS functionality with extensive workflow management tools
  • Comprehensive security and regulatory compliance
  • Highly scalable with 3-tier architecture – client, server and database
  • Open standards support to enable integration with corporate computing infrastructure
  • Easily integrated across instruments, data sources and third party applications

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    You can also email us directly at

    You can also email us directly at