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A top medical review service provider in the US achieves seamless communication and efficient data handling with Persistent and Google Cloud

The client provides independent clinical and effectiveness reviews, delivers technology-enabled medical review services (second opinion), performs analytics for many countries’ largest health plans, and offers resources for clients across the United States. Handling such a huge chunk of data manually was becoming increasingly difficult. They wanted a web application through which they could track data more efficiently.

The client needed a cloud-native web application for patients requesting a second opinion on their diagnosis

Before the solution was developed, the client was tracking all its user data manually through files and folders. This activity was time-consuming and led to the wastage of resources. Moreover, the client ran on a service model in which they had to organize an in-person meeting with their end-user to share information.

To tackle these problems, the client decided to opt for digital innovation via web application development so that they could not only share information with their end-users quickly but also track all the data in their database more efficiently. 

With the help of a solution that could solve the above problems, the medical review service provider wanted to focus more on their business instead of managing data manually.

Considering Persistent’s capabilities in cloud-native mobile application development, a rich pool of 300+ certified professionals with deep expertise in GCP services, and excellent UI/ UX experience, Google recommended us as their consulting partner.

Google recommended Persistent to develop a cloud-native application for ease of use

After Google recommended Persistent as a partner to design the right solution, we suggested developing a cloud-native application that would help the client effectively store data and enable faster communication with the client’s user.

The features of the solution included:
  • A superior customer experience with higher reliability 
  • Ease of management of complete patient case-tracking workflow for medical associates and case managers through simplified and appealing UI
  • Ease of management with DevOps automation, simplified deployment, and testing 
  • Reduction in costs through containerization and cloud standards
  • Digitization of the manual process of tracking data and services
  • Enabled computing, networking, and storage on the cloud 
  • Enabled faster and reliable services to the client 

Our team of experts designed the cloud-native application for desktops, iOS, and Android using the Kubernetes engine with storage and cloud SQL database.

The Google Cloud products that were used are:
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for managing environments and deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications using Google infrastructure
  • Container Registry to store images
  • Cloud Storage for storing files
  • Cloud SQL to achieve a fully managed database with automated backups
  • Identity Platform for user identity management with MS, Google, and custom authentication
  • Cloud IAP for secure access to certain resources within defined network boundaries

After the solution was implemented, the client was quite satisfied with Persistent’s understanding of the business requirements. They were pleased with our quick response and timely deliveries.

Persistent’s solution helped the client ingest, manage, and store data more efficiently.

After the solution was implemented, managing large amounts of data became significantly easier and more effective. The review service provider was able to free resources from manual management and support of the data. The solution implementation helped them concentrate on the features and functionalities of the solution to meet customer demands.

Communication with the end-user became more seamless with Persistent’s cloud-native web application that allowed the client to also share video content with ease.

If this solution were to be extended to other processes in the client’s organization, it can result in a stark increase in efficiency, considering how all the processes can become as seamless as managing data on the cloud.

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