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Blue Dart Express Connects with Partners in Real-Time for Greater Partner Coordination

Implements partner integration to deliver real-time messaging capabilities and easy onboarding of partners.


In India, the growth of the third-party logistics market is fueled by the burgeoning e-commerce market and inclination of companies across sectors to outsource their logistics function. This growth, coupled with customers’ expectations to track their shipments real-time and receive noti­fications, propelled the need for logistics players like Blue Dart Express to connect with partners in real-time.

Data management – Exchange, route and transform data

  • Monitoring & Audit
  • Distributed streaming platform
  • In-memory data structure store

The platform leverages canonical data models to deliver both inbound and outbound messages in real-time and batch mode. Handling data in canonical formats makes it faster to add new partners.

The data transformation module, built using open source stack, converts messages from canonical formats into partner formats – a highly scalable module that can handle message exchange with partners of any size and technical capability.

It supports a wide variety of protocols such as AS2, SFTP, FTP and ­le formats like XML, CSV, JSON, EDIFACT, EDI X12.

The platform can: resend messages with audit trail; retry mechanism for failed messages with an option to con­figure the number of retries; audit logging for the messages.

Additionally, the throttling system controls the number of messages being exchanged with the partner in a second.

“Blue Dart wanted to leverage new technologies to embark on its journey into the next phase of growth and CAPIOT helped us achieve it. We are now able to exchange information with the partners in real-time that greatly helped us to ride the growth.”

Manoj Madhavan CIO, Blue Dart

The platform helped Blue Dart to reduce the time to onboard partners by leveraging out of the box connectors. Since the individual components of the solution (with its asynchronous nature) can be scaled to support any type of load, it helped them to deliver same level of service consistently especially during the peak periods.

Business Impact:

  • Easy on-boarding of partners
  • Easy to scale – Deliver uninterrupted service especially during peak periods
  • Reduced operational overhead

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