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Data maturity model and reference data architecture for one of the largest third-party administrators in the United States

Detailed gap analysis, maturity assessment, and road mapping of an end-to-end solution for data integration, data management, and data governance for a large third-party administrator of health claims in the United States.

  • The customer had built multiple IT and Business systems over the years using disparate legacy technologies
  • There was no well-defined data governance and strategy. An attempt to build a data lake to centralize data needed by all systems had run into challenges related to execution and access latency
  • The client wanted a holistic assessment of their data landscape with respect to data ingestion, processing, and downstream applications for each system
  • Uncovered some 20+ different pain points which were grouped into 6 distinct areas of concern
  • Established a data maturity model and identified gaps with respect to the model
  • Developed a reference architecture along with a roadmap and timelines for an end-to-end data integration, data management and data governance solution
Technologies Used
  • Developed an accurate assessment of data processing and identified pain points through interviews with leaders and stakeholders and collaborative journey mapping
  • Developed a data maturity model and carried out detailed gap analysis
  • Recommended a complete solution and reference architecture for a data integration tier, a managed data hub, a curated data tier, metadata and governance tier, and a data access tier.
  • Presented on-premises, cloud on-premises and hybrid deployment options for the architecture
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