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Data operations and business process automation strategy assessment for an education technology provider

Detailed pain point identification and road mapping of data operations, analytics and business process automation for a research and technology firm in the education industry.

  • The customer’s marketing engine for the undergraduate college market was built on a legacy data system that now led to performance issues
  • The customers business teams have built manual processes around this outdated technology
  • The legacy system’s data pipeline processing abilities were not a match to support the customer’s goals to grow the undergraduate business and foray into other markets
  • The customer desired a performance and functionality gap analysis of the existing system and recommendations to bridge the gap to support market growth plans
  • Uncovered 50 different pain points which were grouped into 7 distinct areas of concern.
  • Prioritized areas of concern by mapping out which teams are affected by which pain points.
  • Provided clear, prioritized recommendations for alleviating these problems through 4 well-defined contract initiatives.
Technologies Used
  • Performed a detailed pain point analysis
  • Developed an accurate assessment of data processing and business process automation through 30 on-site interviews with leaders and team members of 12 (mostly business) teams
  • Outlined recommendations to improve the analytics process ingestion pipeline to make it resilient to data variability and quality problems, and to improve ten-fold the pipeline’s scalability by architecting it for elasticity in the cloud

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