Client Success

Data Platform Migration


  • A multinational manufacturer and supplier of networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.
  • Marketing Data Platform sources data from variety of sources like marketing data base, web data, partner data hosted on HDFS, Cassandra. Entire platform was hosted on premise infrastructure.
  • With growing data size and different data sources getting added, it was becoming challenging to manage this platform.
  • Client wanted to make platform faster for data processing and optimize cost.
  • Schema changes while moving from Hadoop / HBase to Snowflake.


  • The Persistent team conducted series of technical sessions with client architects to brainstorm different options / approaches to migrate platform over GCP & Snowflake. PoCs were conducted to validate migration approach for Hadoop workloads to GCP or Snowflake.
  • Developed Hadoop to Snowflake connectors in Spark to help migrate existing data to snowflake.
  • The Persistent team also developed connectors to read / write data to Snowflake from GCP Dataproc.


50% reduction in time

to reach prospect customers

20% cost reduction

due to better resource utilization on GCP

2M records processed

per day through different data pipelines

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