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Salesforce Sales Cloud revamps employee engagement to create a strong, motivated workforce for Coles Supermarkets

Learn how Coles Supermarkets teamed up with Persistent to build a robust People & Culture case management solution using Salesforce.

  • The People & Culture (P&C) team received over 2’000 enquiries per week which were sent to multiple email boxes. The case details were captured in notes, emails, diaries etc. The team lacked Single Source of Truth due to which they had no visibility of case lifecycles either.
  • P&C team also lacked availability of mobile functionality.
  • The overall situation led to ineffective case assignment and an inability to identify and quickly act on priority cases.
  • The team was also unable to capture and measure KPIs and track hours spent.
  • There was a huge dependency on case owners and their absence meant the case resolution journey came to a standstill.

Staying true to Salesforce’s no-code/low-code philosophy, Persistent resolved the client’s complex requirements with a combination of Salesforce’s out-of-the-box features and powerful automation tools.

Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Engagement products were implemented for this project, with a potential of bringing Chatbot, Einstein, and Service Cloud Voice in due course.

Highlights of the solution component:

  • A powerful self-service tool along with an online community for line managers.
  • Online form for Business Partners to log support requests
  • Flexibility for Line managers to log cases and upload attachments on behalf of Team members, and case update notification via SMS
  • Manual and Automatic Case Delegation basis Line Manager’s employment status. (Transferred/Terminated/Left)
  • Case resolution surveys sent to the managers for their feedback; real time reports and dashboards for the central P&C Team to track performance.

Easy to use portal that doesn’t require training – Quick on-boarding and high adoption for Line Managers.

  • The P&C team went from 100% Manual to 100% Digital Employee Engagement – delivered in just 12 weeks as compared to our competitor who estimated same project to be delivered in 12 months.
  • More than 80% of the communication happening via Salesforce Mobile app, ensuring ease of access and empowering store users to act from anywhere.
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