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Fortune 500 residential mortgage company accelerates loan processing time with AWS-powered automation

The client, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading provider of automation software for the US mortgage industry, providing a highly efficient and cost-effective digital mortgage process to help residential loan providers, title agents, homeowners, and mortgage investors close loans faster and increase profit margins.

The Challenge

The client wanted to migrate to the cloud from the existing on-premises platform to help its customers with a faster documentation process. It was essential for the client to enable lenders to allow borrowers to submit signed documents online. The client also needed to empower lenders to gain a competitive edge by offering attractive loan products. It wanted to upgrade its infrastructure and move to the cloud to help lenders comply with regulatory norms.

The Solution

The client engaged with Persistent to build a robust data platform with AWS. Persistent adopted a DevOps model with AWS tooling and infrastructure resources to drive this objective. This approach was vital to help the client with efficient process automation for faster delivery, issues resolution and scalability. With AWS storage services, the client’s automation platform allowed lenders to store and manage a massive amount of loan application data.

Persistent added peer data analytics capabilities on top of the data platform built on AWS architecture. It enabled lenders to use the client’s solution to compete, innovate and roll out competitive loan products. Deployment of a document classification solution allowed them to automate the whole process of mortgage documentation depending on the criticality and requirements.

Most importantly, Persistent implemented several cloud solutions on the AWS infrastructure to make the client’s platform meet their users’ (lenders’) requirements. This included the implementation of eSigning, eClosing, document classification, automated dispatching of the disclosure to the borrower and integration with third-party loan aggregators.

The Outcome

The client’s mortgage automation software has been transformed to help lenders accelerate loan processing time by 50%. It also substantially reduced document signing time from weeks to hours and storage/retrieval costs by 40%-45%. With over 60 services running on the cloud, the client’s highly automated platform has been up and constantly running without any outages while adhering to the prescribed regulatory compliance.

Technology Used
  • AWS — Automation
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