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How a leading financial software company seamlessly migrated 70 applications to AWS

Learn how a leading global financial software company migrated 70 applications across its business (people and places, privacy engineering groups, etc.) to AWS cloud, while adhering to its design patterns for cloud and security.


  • Legacy applications such as AutoPatch, e-Software Delivery, SFLoop needed to be migrated in a phased lift and shift manner
  • Redeveloping applications such as Manager Onboarding on the client’s existing framework, and ensuring adherence to its design, security and IT practices.


  • Developed Terraform scripts for deployment automation and secured data migration with 256-bit encryption using automated ETL
  • Engineered the client’s desktop tax products and onboarded 23,000 US-based and 12,000 non-US based banks and financial institutions
  • Delivered a custom tool for AMI management, replacing Spinnaker UI and overcoming limits on the number of images handled
  • Provided full support for AWS infrastructure, deployment and cost optimization and automated the migration of desktop services using Kubernetes Service


  • 70 applications successfully migrated to AWS, and the data center decommissioned, with new levels of security and reduced costs
  • Able to rollout new services and cross-sell to customers faster and more easily

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