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India’s health insurance giant partners with Persistent to prepare itself for remote work on Google Meet and Google Workspace

The client is a health insurance provider with thousands of employees across India. While back in office, their field and back-office teams could respond to changing customer and market demands with in-person training sessions and communication hosted on an on-prem platform. As country-wide lockdown got imposed due to COVID-19, they adopted the work from home model and found themselves in lack of video conferencing capabilities on their on-prem work platform. It posed challenges around continuing their business operations.

To facilitate real-time collaboration among their remote workforce, Persistent, a premier digital consulting company, proposed the implementation of enterprise-grade Google Meet for audio and video conferencing. The Client adopted Google Meet for over 3000 of their employee accounts.

The technical enablement, change management, and support activities were carried out in just five days without stalling their other day-to-day work. The Google Workspace credentialled teams from Persistent consulted on the best practices for network requirements and configuration and implemented and configured Google Workspace administrative settings to ensure proper security posture. Google Meet was also enabled on mobile devices using Mobile Device Management (MDM) and the admins were given online training to bring them up to speed with Google Meet.

Empowering the workforce for modern work with more cloud tools

In the second phase, the Client has adopted Google Workspace’s set of cloud-native collaboration tools for about a thousand of their field executives. They have already realized the following benefits due to transforming their work on cloud with Google Workspace:

  • 50% reduction in third-party MDM costs.
  • Savings on hardware cost: Their on-prem hardware was due for renewal. Since G Suite is completely on the web, they have prevented the expenditure on hardware.
  • Secure data access: Earlier, data couldn’t be securely accessed from home devices or with corporate email addresses on mobile devices. With G Suite, the Client has enabled custom security based on their industry security protocols and standards. Thus, ensuring secure user access to data within and outside of their domain. 
  • Real-time communication: They are able to carry out secure, real-time financial discussions with their remote colleagues over Google Chat.

The client was under tremendous pressure at the onset of the pandemic. The demand for their services rose, however their teams couldn’t collaborate effectively and in real-time to support their customers. Google Meet helped them cross the first barrier posed by a distributed workforce. Now, with Google Workspace they are reaping the benefits of working from anywhere, any time, and from any device. The Persistent team is contended to have served the Client during those tough times and also to have been a partner in their digital work transformation

Nirdesh Chahal, Google Business Unit, Persistent

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