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Kailash Healthcare improves efficiency by 40% with Google Apps for Work

MediaAgility was acquired by Persistent in May 2022 and its capabilities form the foundation for Persistent’s Google Business Unit. As a Google Cloud Partner and a strategic IT Transformation services provider, the Google Business Unit is focused on delivering transformational services with cloud-native solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant and benefit from the public cloud platform capabilities. 

Kailash Healthcare Ltd is a group of hospitals and research centers dedicated to healthcare and well-being of the society. The group comprises of multi-specialty and super-specialty hospitals and research centers across three states in India. This 25-year-old group of hospitals has a single point agenda to provide efficient, timely and patient-friendly healthcare to its patients, through best medical practices in a clean, healthy, and rejuvenating environment.

Kailash Healthcare has over 500 employees spread across the group of institutes of which over a 100 require IT enablement. The main challenge that the group faced was to keep these employees connected while retaining focus on their mission of providing excellent healthcare to the patients. The IT team struggled to keep their communication channels smooth and efficient. Kailash was running their mails on a primitive web-mail platform. The Group IT head, Sandhya Jha, identified the need to upgrade to an excellent internal communication and collaboration channel that would power the best doctors and healthcare staff. “It was obvious that we retained our IT infrastructure on the cloud but evaluating available Cloud based solutions in the market was my immediate action item,” recalls Sandhya. The foremost deciding factor of the best fit for our organizational IT needs was that of minimal downtime and security of our data. Minimizing downtime is very critical for the healthcare business. Apparently, the IT team at Kailash was hassled by a low performance of the existing system. The group faced a tremendous delay in email delivery which hampered their day-to-day functioning. This was not acceptable to Kailash as agility is foremost for a healthcare group.

There was absolutely no point of running on a web-based email system, if there is a lag in mail delivery. It was defeating the very purpose of a cloud-based communication channel


Their IT issues did not stop there. The team was also facing serious issues with spam control and email backup. All these problems summed up and the IT team decided to adopt a comprehensive cloud-based messaging system that would result in better efficiency of their team.

After evaluating all the existing mail solutions, Kailash decided to adopt Google Apps for Work. Besides serving their basic need to deliver mails in real-time, the Google suite of solutions also helped them overcome their other IT challenges. The decision to switch to Google Apps was backed by the entire Management at Kailash Group. Google Apps not only enabled a smooth communication channel across all locations of Kailash but also enabled a robust collaboration environment powered by Google Drive, Gtalk and Calendar. The employees were now able to work simultaneously on multiple issues, across all locations, with Google Docs; schedule appointments for the Doctors and staff on Google Calendar and collaborate instantly on Gtalk. The system saw an immediate change in their way of work.

The IT team noticed that the in-built spam controls worked smoothly behind each mailbox. One of the biggest pains for any administrator is to minimize spam for their employees.

When MediaAgility implemented Google Apps and Postini, this was easy. Not only did we see almost zero spam but got a superb uptime and a great mail archiving system. All our challenges were overcome with an all-in-one solution – Google Apps


The Kailash group’s workflow saw a significant improvement after the switch. Google Apps users in the group have an improved user experience and the IT admins are not worried about downtimes, security, spam, or backups anymore. Google Apps collaboration capabilities have made day-to-day work easier for its employees and have resulted in almost 40% increase in efficiency. One of the main reasons for Kailash to choose Google Apps over the other providers was the Google strategy of providing version-free, automatic upgrades to its users. As Google releases new features and upgrades, the IT team at Kailash need not bother about patches, purchasing the latest version or compatibility with other software. All the new product enhancements are automatically integrated at the backend and its usability is left to the Administrator or the end user.

Kailash migrated over a 100 of their employees to Google Apps for Work with MediaAgility (now part of Persistent Systems). We not only showed product value to the Kailash Group but smoothly transitioned all its employees from their existing mail system to the Google Apps suite of communication and collaboration. We helped Kailash with data migration, creation of users, groups, and organizational units. The entire switch was perfectly mapped under a project management scope which included strategic and technical deployment of Google Apps and Postini within a pre-decided timeframe. Kailash was provided with Change Management services which included training sessions to help the end users. Super Admin trainings were also provided to the IT team to better manage the Google Apps system.

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