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Leading clinical research organization adopts Digital Engineering for improved patient care and safety

About client

The client is the world’s second-largest clinical research organization (CRO) conducting clinical trials on behalf of its pharmaceutical customers. The company provides biopharmaceutical services and has helped develop approximately 95% of the 200 topselling biopharmaceuticals available in the market. The company works in close unison with the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry to design and deliver clinical trials while ensuring regulatory compliance.


With the existing legacy system, it was challenging for the client to navigate a complex infrastructure and application management landscape. Moreover, as they scaled up to maintain their leadership in the industry, they wanted to modernize their legacy integration platform to ensure reliability and data availability. In short, they wanted technical assistance to build an enhanced digital ecosystem for efficient clinical research.


The client decided to work with Persistent for its digitization effort, which conducted a detailed study of the existing system and architecture and prepared technical design documents. It was essential to equip the client with business scalability, agility, and new capabilities.

Persistent leveraged Microsoft Azure and MuleSoft-based data integration architectures to build the services. It designed and implemented a state-of-the-art middleware architecture with extensive operational intelligence to manage end-to-end integration, including external partners. This was critical in developing 150+ services and integrating 10+ applications.

The messaging solution leveraged Kafka Streams and a DevOps pipeline to manage the Runtime Fabric-based deployment model, a container-based service that provides an environment for all customer-managed infrastructures.

Persistent also designed and built a data lake to support the client’s data management requirements. The data lake is critical for the client’s Clinical Trial Management System data to promote automated transformation lookups.


With a modernized core clinical management system, the client has reduced the number of interfaces by 50%. It has enabled them to significantly improve the turnaround time and cost to onboard new customer sponsors. The data lake architecture ensured reliable and seamless delivery of data to help the client with improved decision-making capabilities for their sponsors. Top-notch security across the network and application level empowered the client to address data breach concerns. As a result, the client efficiently ensured patient safety with all these enhanced capabilities.

  1. Reduce interfaces by 50% and simplify/strengthen the integration architecture
  2. Experience on-demand data and functionalities as an API-enabled enterprise
  3. Improved overall TAT and reduced implementation costs
  4. Reduce risk with reusable API-led connectivity and data integration
  5. End-to-end integration including external partners
  6. Reduced data latency

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