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Leading US Financial Institution Overcomes Merging Challenges and Transforms Business Operations with Ignite

A leading US financial institution that provides financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and institutions, including banking, lending, wealth management, and insurance solutions.

The Challenge

In the aftermath of a merger, the client faced several challenges. One of the main obstacles was eliminating legacy systems and interfaces used previously. This caused process disruptions, making it difficult for business units to adapt to the new organization.

The client’s existing Identity solutions had complicated interfaces, reducing usability, frustrating users, and hindering business flow. It lacked visibility into all business processes, making progress tracking cumbersome. The existing certification process was problematic to navigate, delaying the review process.

The platform also lacked dynamic form requests, and custom fields, making it impossible to collect all the business data needed.

The Solution

Persistent deployed an innovative solution called Ignite. Designed to streamline enterprise users’ identity and access management processes, Ignite significantly improved the end-user experience, simplified the UI, and made working with Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) easier.

The team created unique interfaces mapping back to the legacy applications. Users were trained on the new interfaces, minimizing disruption to business operations. As legacy systems were phased out, the Ignite interface mapped to the new solution allowed the end user processes to remain consistent, ensuring a seamless transition. Ignite also allowed for the ingestion of certification results, enabling evaluation and certification offline.

A distinctive solution framework, a JSON ingestion process enabled the client to customize forms with unique fields, allowing application managers to self-service new custom forms beyond the initial engagement. Persistent’s solution helped the client overcome the challenges of merging two businesses, ensuring a smooth transition and improved user experience.

The Outcome

Persistent’s solution allowed the organization to transition infrastructure with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. The client realized a 50% increase in applications onboarded into the identity platform.

Users migrated off legacy infrastructure without learning entirely new workflows for the new system. Ignite maintained consistent business processes while the backend functionality changed.

Using offline certification, the client completed a large certification of 46k rows inside of excel and imported it, making it far simpler for end-users and achieving a nearly 99% completion rate of certification. Ignite streamlined business operations, improved visibility and control, and achieved previously unattainable functionality.

Technology Used
  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
  • Ignite

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