Client Success

Life Science Research and Clinical Diagnostic Markets


  • The client is a leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a broad range of innovative products for life science research and clinical diagnostic markets.
  • Build a platform on AWS to monetize data acquired from labs and different partners for quality control assessment and to calibrate the results collected in past.
  • Critical peer comparison.
  • Collecting the data from existing on-premise systems and from other legacy systems.


  • Migrated data from Azure SQL to Amazon Neptune for hierarchical permission model.
  • Migrated the Labs data from Azure CosmosDB to AWS DynamoDB.
  • Data acquisition from different systems using AWS DMS and using API of custom framework.
  • Built centralized logging framework to acquire data across multiple accounts.
  • Migrated the existing web application to AWS, authentication and authorization, reporting was done using PowerBI.


Intuitive reporting

using power BI

Highly scalable & secured

Platform on AWS helped in reducing cost

Improved TAT

for reports by 20%

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