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MD Synergy goes Google with Persistent

MediaAgility was acquired by Persistent in May 2022 and its capabilities form the foundation for Persistent’s Google Business Unit. As a Google Cloud Partner and a strategic IT Transformation services provider, the Google Business Unit is focused on delivering transformational services with cloud-native solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant and benefit from the public cloud platform capabilities. 

The company

MD Synergy provides software platform and integrated services for the US Healthcare market. MD Synergy’s platform and services are used by hundreds of doctors across the US for their Practice Management, Medical Transcription, Revenue Cycle Management and for Electronic Health Record. MD Synergy connects physician groups of all sizes and specialties to use technology to deliver caring services to their patients.

The problem

The US Healthcare industry is estimated to be a six trillion-dollar fragmented industry, going through rapid reform. The recent mandate by the US Government to have all Doctor offices implement a Meaningful Use Certified EHR System (Electronic Health Record) has sparked a boom in existing and sprouted new companies to meet the demands of a connected Healthcare System. MD Synergy is an existing leader in the space, and with increased demand for its product and services, the company is going through rapid expansion. As part of the company’s strategy for growth, MD Synergy is moving its existing business applications and its product suite to cloud-based infrastructure.

Collaboration is key to the company’s success with sales and customer service staff in the US and the core product development team in India. Having offices at multiple locations, collaboration emerged as the prime requisite for its profitable functioning.

It was also indispensable taking the nature of the work the company does into the account. A major part of its profile involves staying in constant touch with physicians and patients to deliver impeccable services and lived up to the standards it has attained during its decade long presence in the web space.

Speed and ease of change were major considerations, to avoid disruption is existing business. Future expansion of the Google Apps infrastructure suite, with continuous addition to the productivity applications was also a consideration. In addition to the issues pertaining to collaboration and licensing, the company was also looking for bringing the operational costs down.

The solution

Aware of the speed of changes occurring in its industry and its demand to release new products to the market, the company’s leadership team wanted to initiate its Cloud transition with the core business applications. And after an insightful analysis, they found Google Apps best suited to their needs in holistic terms. With Google Apps for Work, MD Synergy just kept its licensing-related woes at bay and threw its entire weight behind augmenting its staff at multitude of locations across the globe. Having the benefit of centralized updates, the company’s IT department now does not have to focus on periodic software updates and security patches etc.

Furthermore, Google Apps enables MD Synergy’s workforce to, irrespective of their geographic locations and the devices they’re using, collaborate with each other in real-time. This was very much required as the company has spanned its operations at various locations and is driving more transparency with its end customers by using collaboration solutions like Google Sites for all strategic accounts.

MD Synergy has saved on system resources related to hosting servers and dollars for high priced licenses for the new staff. All in all, Google Apps for Work presented a cost-efficient way of enhancing organizational productivity and has enabled the Management team to see how the team is delivering on new intellectual property, best practices and processes. All employees in the company are required to use Google Talk for small quick questions, company has acquired large screen iMacs for conducting video conference using Google Talk, company’s new intranet has been transferred to a Google Site and is bringing in more Android phones to synchronize with its corporate infrastructure.

We have seen productivity and creativity spike up 150% in our team since we rolled out Google Apps. Daily I have 10s of documents shared with me by my team for business areas we are changing. My team is excited

Suman Masciarelli, COO, MD Synergy
Our services

Persistent was instrumental in helping MD Synergy to switch to a rather unknown territory of cloud computing from traditional organizational infrastructure. Initially, the company was skeptical about migrating all its operations to the cloud, but we were there right from the moment when we first called them and shared our vision for going the Google way.

Representatives from Persistent took a marathon session to help the MD Synergy team to migrate to Google Apps. The session was very impactful and helped the company learn Google Apps for Work and how it can be used to bolster up the company’s efficiency. Not only this, but we also created an exclusive training website for MD Synergy.

Our sessions on Change Management catalyzed a hassle-free transition for MD Synergy to Google Apps. These sessions were designed intuitively to ensure that the employees get accustomed to the changes brought upon after they migrated their organizational operations to Google Apps. Change Management sessions from us included a variety of interactive channels, such as forums, live training, one-to-one training sessions.

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