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Persistent helps Adamjee Life leverage Google Workspace

MediaAgility was acquired by Persistent in May 2022 and its capabilities form the foundation for Persistent’s Google Business Unit. As a Google Cloud Partner and a strategic IT Transformation services provider, the Google Business Unit is focused on delivering transformational services with cloud-native solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant and benefit from the public cloud platform capabilities. 

Adamjee Life is one of the leading life insurance companies in Pakistan serving a sizable number of clients throughout the country. Having partnered with South Africa’s leading insurer, Hollard International, Adamjee Life has obtained the required exposure in global insurance practices to add value to the lives of its customers and the business of its clients. Adamjee Life’s diverse portfolio of products includes life, savings, health, and loan protection as well as group life plans that cater to varied insurance-related needs of the modern customer. Adamjee Life is technology base company and our focus on IT as an enabler has resulted in our company being the first company in Pakistan to deploy an online sales strategy, effectively selling insurance products on our website.

The challenge

Adamjee Life has been striving to keep up pace with the global insurance market, and hence design its diverse solutions along the same line. The company had been using on-premises information architecture for a significant amount of time and was quite comfortable working with it. However, the real crunch rolled in when the company expanded its operations, both in terms of size and offerings.

Any issue of strategic importance usually invokes painfully long email threads, which, at times lead to high latency levels. Devising market-friendly insurance policies requires the think-tank of the organization to work together as a collaborative unit. And Adamjee Life too holds on to this belief. But their previous enterprise suite let them share the documents and the other entities of strategic significance through emails only, making the entire process of collaboration a rather time-consuming affair.

Apparently, Adamjee’s IT department was kicking in a great deal of their energy and time in installing software patches and updates. The IT guys had to stay up on their toes to wither away any unauthorized intrusion or massive attacks on the company’s servers.

Since the company has been dealing with a large number of emails on a day-to-day basis, email archiving also came forth as a big challenge for the organization. Their previous system had limited email archiving space, making it onerous for the company to find out any specific email in the hour of their need.

The solution

After a rigorous organization-wide brainstorming about how to handle those sturdy challenges, Adamjee Life chose the cloud-based enterprise suite as the one-shot answer to all. Amongst a handful of cloud options, Adamjee Life eventually opted for Google Workspace. The decision to go with Google was significantly backed by the familiarity of its workforce with different Google Products and the ease of use associated with them. Needless to mention, Google’s credibility in delivering unparalleled cloud solutions was another key driving factor for its migration.

The company is now using Google Docs as a real-time collaboration tool to work on any strategic insurance plan. This has been facilitating the company to save immensely upon the time and resources they would otherwise have to waste in emailing the same document again and again. Google Sites is another Google Apps component that has been enabling the company’s management to disseminate, with ease, any important plan throughout the organization.

Google Workspace has brought a big relief to the company’s IT staff. With Google Apps’ centralized updates, now the IT people in Adamjee Life don’t have to wait for software patches and periodic updates to come in.

In a bid to address the email archiving issue, Adamjee Life procured Postini Email Security and Archiving Service, which enables the company to have email archiving for a span of ten years.

Our IT team is now free from the hassles of installing those time-consuming updates and spared with some more time to channelize their energies into bringing innovative and useful solutions for the company

Ashfaque Ahmed, Head Information Systems Department
How we helped with Adamjee’s transition

We played a vital role in helping Adamjee Life to switch to the Cloud from legacy organizational infrastructure. Initially, the company was obviously a little concerned about migrating all its operations to the cloud, but we were there right from the moment when the company first roped in them and shared their vision for going the Google way.

Our sessions on Change Management sped up a hassle-free transition for Adamjee Life workforce to Google Apps. These sessions were tailored and delivered intuitively to make sure that the employees get accustomed to the changes surfaced after the company migrated their operations to Google Apps.

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