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Persistent helps leading home appliances manufacturer simplify and automate employee mobility process with Google Cloud Platform

A US-headquartered multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances, the client focuses on delivering purposeful innovations through their diverse catalogue of home appliances that simplifies the lives of consumers. The company is playing a vital role in producing high performing, lower impact technologies to help consumers reduce their own environmental footprint.

Need for a centralized mobility system to support employees’ changing commuting patterns

With the pressing need to upgrade their current facilities and equipment, the company decided to relocate one of their offices to a new site located within Italy. However, they wanted to plan for people and associated physical aspects. Hence, they wanted to accommodate change in commuting patterns for their employees. To ensure a smooth solution for their employees’ commute to the new premises, the client decided to custom build an effective employee mobility planning solution.

With their move to support commuters’ travel needs, they planned to launch three services- Carpool, Shuttle, and preferential Parking. They wanted a simplified, automated, and digitally enabled system to successfully launch and support their employee mobility / commute management system. The Carpool service aimed at encouraging employees to share rides to work with their co-workers while reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles during peak travel periods. Shuttle service aimed to transport employees between two identified points. While Parking service allowed employees to check parking availability in real-time and book parking slots near new premises.

Setting up an organized mobility system: The client foresaw transportation and mobility as an unorganized unit, with an administrative resource manually planning routes and allocating vehicles just hours before employees’ commute. They knew that a manually operated system would only lead to confused and dissatisfied employees, and under-utilized and overly paid mobility services.

Need for a centralized system: The company needed a solution that made them step away from traditional transport helpdesks. They wanted a real time, centrally managed mobility solution to enable employees to book carpool, shuttle, or parking services. They required the system to generate insightful reports so as to help them understand shuttle and carpooling trends, usage, tracking, and more.

A system that is easy to use: The company wanted the system to ease transportation for 500 employees with an application that lets them book rides and quickly access trip information anytime, anywhere through web and/or mobile.

They were focused on simplifying their employee mobility workflows with an eye on automating the entire process to let employees efficiently collaborate over offering and availing rides, view availability to book shuttles, view, and reserve parking, and track their requests at the same time.

Easy-to-book shuttle and carpooling gives employees convenience and freedom to work, read, relax, or socialize

On the basis of previous successful IT engagements with the client and on the recommendation of another corporate division of the organization, the client chose us to be their digital consulting partner to build and implement this solution. With Google Cloud Platform, we devised an employee mobility application to simplify, automate, optimize, and digitally enable their entire mobility process and ensure their employees independently plan and commute in a smooth and hassle-free way.  

Intuitive, easy to use: The solution lets employees offer and find rides by setting up daily route or by looking up for offered rides by co-workers who have similar work schedules. For shuttle, the solution supports single click pre-booking of shuttles for employees to travel from a select location to office. The solution gives an interactive donut chart that gives away details about currently available parking spots to let employees book their spot in the company campus’ parking area.   

Cost savings: Detailed analytics for routes and vehicle usage has helped the client optimize their employee mobility process. They can now efficiently plan and deploy vehicles as per required capacity to make commute efficient and cost effective.

Centralized system: Google Cloud based system to centrally manage, route, and analyze all shuttles and carpools has enabled them to move away from dedicated transport helpdesks.

Insightful analytics: Comprehensive analytics dashboard generates insightful reports that helps them understand shuttle and carpooling trends, usage, analysis, and more.   

Most importantly, the solution has given their employees convenience and freedom to work, read, relax, or socialize with easy-to-book shuttle and carpooling. The solution has helped management with staff retention and has helped everyone at their organization embrace the relocation in a hassle-free manner.

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