Pollozek delivers first-class, personalized shopping experiences, powered by Salesforce & Persistent

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Pollozek delivers first-class, personalized shopping experiences, powered by Salesforce & Persistent

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Pollozek is a family-run fashion and lifestyle house, founded in 1882. It has received several awards as one of the best fashion stores in Germany and a top company in Lower Bavaria. Currently, the team at the Pfarrkirchen based retailer is working on the exciting topic of “offline meets online” in addition to its core competence “fashion”.

The team at Pollozek was looking for ‘offline to meet online’ and needed to revamp to resolve the following situations,

  • While customer master data was stored in the ERP system, there was still no digital tool for managing customer transactions for the Sales and Service Team.
  • The Sales staff relied on their handwritten notes on customers.
  • The Pollozek team was looking for a digital clientelling system that would provide a holistic customer view, an even more customer-focused service and more up-selling potential.
  • Appointments such as personal & video shopping were not yet digitized.
  • Information on service processes for alteration service, special orders & complaints could not be accessed digitally companywide.

The team at Persistent consulted with Pollozek and provided the following solutions,

  • Implementation of Salesforce as a user-friendly, leading platform for all sales and service activities with minimum budget & implementation effort
  • Use of mobile devices for all customer interactions like fashion advice & personal shopping in the store, interactive video shopping as well as for the customer service team
  • Optimal, individual advice of customers regarding previous purchases, preferences, habits, and service processes
  • More transparency by digitalizing all service processes with more efficient handling of service cases via reminders and integration of further service channels (Email2Case, Web2Case)

Post consultation and implementation, Pollozek enjoyed outcomes that included,

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    You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com.

    You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com