Digitally Transforming media powerhouse Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Our teams helped FAZ generate new monetization strategies based on existing customer data. The digital transformation also fueled process automation and increased productivity.


Frankfurter, a printed newspaper in the digital age needed new monetization strategies while overcoming several challenges stemming from reduction in circulation numbers. Here’s a quick look at what our teams were tasked with resolving together,

  • 62 functional components and 27 separated data bases​ resulted in an ultra-complex, difficult-to-navigate system landscape
  • A consolidated view on customer was missing with customer data spread across several systems w/o integration​
  • Inefficient service case handling resulted in backlog of over 50,000 open support cases​
  • Missing product and offering definitions complicated the digital sales strategy 
  • New subscriptions were handled manually in 4 different systems, whereas e-Commerce was done via 13 unrelated web shops​
  • Marketing had no real access to subscriber data and segmentations were manually performed in separated ERP system

Persistent introduced Salesforce products as the core tool in Marketing, Sales, Service and e-commerce to provide,

  • A consolidated view on customer data and drastic reduction of efforts in daily-business​
  • A system-wide single customer identity w/ Salesforce being the leading system in a highly integrated landscape​
  • Access to the service team for customer relevant information via Service Console and the ability to perform actions in integrated systems (ERP, SSO etc)​
  • A simplified product & sales process and integrated product relevant systems w/ goal to publish new digital products in 24 hours​
  • Empowered Marketing teams with the capacity to utilize all available data for automated campaigns based on Sales/Service Cloud, automated triggers from Commerce Cloud, and Adobe Analytics integration

Persistent & Salesforce brought numerous capabilities to support Team Frankfurter and outcomes included,

  • Total cost-reduction in digital agency budgets and self-reliant use of Marketing Cloud.
  • Increase in email open and click rates​
  • Performance increase in ad campaigns via Advertising Studio​
  • MVP of new digital product launched involving reduced number of systems, creating 30,000 digital subscribers, incl. real-time reporting of subscription changes​
  • Backlog of open service cases completely resolved​
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