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Major US media conglomerate integrates legacy systems for a 360° view of organization

This media conglomerate, one of the top 3 in the US, leverages the power of Salesforce & MuleSoft to manage and design data-backed growth strategies.


Persistent stepped in to rescue a half-implemented project which was discontinued by the previous vendor after 60% of its implementation. The team quickly got up to speed to help the client with the following pain points,

  • End to End Sales Process Implementation
  • Integration with existing Legacy systems
  • Need of retiring existing Siebel based CRM system & Data Migration

Persistent’s services and solutions included,

  • Accounts & Contact Management
    • Management of more than 25, 000 accounts
    • Supports 3 different types of Accounts
  • Opportunity Life Cycle Management
    • Caters to 8 different types of opportunities & corresponding business process
    • Governs end to end Opportunity life cycle
    • Migrated more than 100, 000 opportunities
  • Staff & Account Transfers
    • Automated Revenue / Commission calculations and Portfolio allocations resulting post to Staff & Account transfers
  • Accounting Calendar
    • Customized financial accounting calendar
  • Provided 360 Degree perspective of Sales organization & process
  • More than 300 users distributed in 6 levels of hierarchy
  • Covered operations for 8 regions in USA
  • Supported N level hierarchy management
  • Automated allocation and approval process
  • Automated revenue calculation
  • Integrated with multiple legacy systems through MuleSoft


Migrated opportunities


Accounts managed


Regions of operations covered within USA

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