RenalytixAI brings life-saving kidney diagnostic solutions to market faster

Accelerating kidney disease diagnosis with the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


RenalytixAI wanted to build an ML based solution to generate a risk score for Kidney disease and identify the level of risk leveraging blood-based bio-markers and longitudinal clinical records. Additionally, they wanted to develop risk estimate across a 5 year of period.


Developing new solutions to proactively treat kidney disease, it’s important for RenalytixAI to bring their products to market faster. As CTO and co-founder Fergus Fleming says: “Working with a company that has the scale and breadth of Persistent, we can bring two key aspects together; data science and AI capabilities, coupled with development of complex and integrated software solutions which come together with our products.”


Early knowledge of kidney disease using ML based kidney score enable doctors and patients to take corrective measures much quicker to avoid kidney functionality deterioration.

Technologies Used
  • R Studio, Python
  • Azure VM, Git

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You can also email us directly at

You can also email us directly at