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Semp better manages requirements with IBM DOORS Next EMP

Cutting IBM DOORS Next implementation time by 90% for a project with 10,000 requirements.

Persistent works with SEMP to quickly adopt a market leading Requirements Management Solution from IBM to enhance success of the Ottawa Light Rail Project.


SEMP needed a robust, professional and reliable Requirements Management solution for the Ottawa Light Rail Project. Working across the UK / Canada, SEMP needed a solution with high performance and availability to ensure geographically dispersed teams could collaborate seamlessly and work from a common platform. Timescales were aggressive on this project, so they needed a solution to be up and running quickly with back end infrastructure managed externally.

Benefits of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Deployed by Persistent


Total requirements needing to be managed across the project


IT infrastructure needed due to the Cloud based nature of the IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next solution

2 weeks

Time needed to deploy the solutions


By using IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM), SEMP was able to effectively manage client requirements and even demonstrate validation of these requirements. By using the reporting capabilities built into the solution, SEMP created live dashboards and reports to keep their stakeholders updated with project progress. The solution helped demonstrate and achieve compliance for their stakeholder contracted requirements.

Being a Cloud based tool, SEMP’s backups, upgrades and even performance tweaks are taken care of by IBM. This allowed SEMP to focus on the project. SEMP was able to rollout the solution and apply to their project within two weeks rather than six months.

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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management on Cloud.

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