Dan’l Lewin

Dan’l Lewin has joined the Board as an Independent Director in June 2022.

He holds an A.B. degree in Politics from Princeton University.

He is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Computer History Museum (CHM), a US-based non-profit organization, where he is responsible for strategic planning, fundraising and operations.

Prior to CHM, Dan’l led Microsoft’s work in applying technology for public good during a 17-year tenure. His portfolio included setting up Microsoft’s global start-up and venture capital engagement model, campaign and civic tech engagement, affordable internet access, environmental sustainability, and partnerships with leading research universities.

Earlier, Dan’l accrued over 30 years of leadership experience in Silicon Valley. He led the initial launch of the Macintosh to higher education for Apple Computer, Inc. Dan'l was Co-founder and VP marketing and sales at NeXT, Inc. after leaving Apple. Later, he led sales and marketing for GO Corporation. Dan’l also served as Chief Executive Officer of Aurigin Systems, Inc.

Dan’l has helped organizations establish long-term competitive positioning, guide strategy and governance as well as foster growth to achieve strategic goals and scalability.

Dan’l has served on the boards of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, UI Labs, Advanced Energy Economy, and currently serves as a Board Director at StartX. He is also on the Advisory Council for the Department of Politics at Princeton University.

Dan’l has two sons and three grandchildren.