Data Days Tech Talks – Cloud Data Migration: How to Make Way for the Cloud?

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Welcome to Data Days – our tech talk series that is designed to answers the exact questions that pop up in your head when you think of migrating to a cloud data warehouse. What’s the best cloud platform for my situation? How fast will I see equal or better performance? How’s the security and governance? How easy is it to use? What’s the real operating ROI?

In this episode of Data Days, we are joined by Stephen Jones, Global CTO and Head Architecture at Kantar Media, Philip Reith, Principal Solution Specialist at Microsoft, and our own data wiz Sameer Dixit, General Manager, Data Analytics & AI/ML. We pick their brains around the strategies they see working for cloud data migrations – re-architecting legacy applications or lifting and shifting to the cloud. We hear their thoughts on recognizing and forecasting costs, the top concerns their customers bring up during migrations, and using AI to improve operational efficiency. Watch this talk to get their key tips on succeeding in the cloud.

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Speakers and Moderators:
Stephen Jones

Global CTO and Head Architecture,
Kantar Media

Philip Reith

Principal Solution Specialist,

Sameer Dixit

General Manager, Data Analytics & AI/ML,

Venkatachalam Ramakrishnan

Head of Solutions,

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