Persistent is Proud to Host the Call for Code Global Challenge

Call for Code comes to India! Join us as we host super talented developers at Persistent’s Hinjewadi facility for the 2nd season of Call for Code Global Challenge – India. Watch highly skilled problem solvers design unique and impactful solutions to address global sustainability problems by leveraging IBM AI technologies. Learn how you can make an impact to create a better world.

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Highlights of event

Learn about the opportunity to build a solution that can impact communities in need through deployment support from the Linux Foundation.

  • Discover Watsonx, IBM’s new generative AI technology.
  • Gain insights of subject matter experts, academia leaders, and Persistent leaders.
  • Hear from the winners of the 2021 Global Challenge about their experience and the solutions they had developed. Participate in a Design Thinking Workshop to get started with your solution idea.

Insights from Leaders and Networking

  • Keynote session by Dr. Anand Deshpande – Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems
  • Keynote session by Sonali Deshpande – Founder, Chairman, Persistent Foundation
  • Network with a community of developers, entrepreneurs, students, and problem solvers, including Persistent leadership, who share a similar passion for #techforgood.

Arrive early to register and participate for an opportunity to win our amazing Early Bird gifts.

What is the Call for Code Global Challenge?

Immediate sustainability actions are crucial to mitigate the dire consequences of climate change. To bring the most benefit, sustainable solutions should have a global reach while also empowering local communities, particularly those who are most affected by pollution and excluded from policymaking. Technology holds the key, as open innovation can effectively address sustainability challenges at scale.

Build your skills in emerging technologies while solving real-world sustainability challenges. Develop your solution and gain recognition within the Persistent and IBM communities with a chance to win USD $50K. As part of the 6th Annual Call for Code Global Challenge, design and build an open-source solution in the cloud to take on a sustainability issue. We’re calling on teams of developers and problem solvers to leverage open innovation and develop technology solutions that address specific global sustainability problems in unique, clearly demonstrable ways.

In addition to prizes, participants can grow their AI, cloud, and other emerging tech skills through access to expert technical mentors, training resources, and events.

Real code helping real people

Through Call for Code, top solutions receive implementation support from IBM and the Call for Code ecosystem to make a real impact in the communities with the greatest need. For more information visit –

Who should participate?

Integrated Insights


The builder on your team, tech mastermind, bringing methodical, digital-obsessed expertise to ground your solution in what’s possible.

Integrated Insights


Your UX expert ensures the solution is user-friendly and visually appealing. Designers bring creative vision to technical problem-solving, making what you build sleek and easy to consume.

Integrated Insights


Good communicators make complex ideas simple and inspiring. Your team’s calculating hustler is essential in articulating the problem and succinctly defining how the solution can make a difference in a profound, unique, consumable way.

Integrated Insights


Altruistic thinkers who understand the complex problems at hand in a truly human way and are committed to finding a solution to make a demonstrable difference.

Judging criteria
Infra Sense
Completeness and transferability

(5 Points)

Effectiveness and efficiency
Effectiveness and efficiency

(5 Points)

Design and usability
Design and usability

(5 Points)

Creativity and innovation
Creativity and innovation

(5 Points)

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