Private Equity Leadership Roundtable

Private Equity Leadership Roundtable Series

Value Creation for Enterprise Software Portfolio Companies

Historically, Private Equity (PE) firms have employed ‘Buy & Build’ strategies with a philosophy of buying, restructuring, and holding assets — with a plan to sell at the right time. Yet increasingly, enterprise software companies are creating value beyond quick fix initiatives to leverage multiple value creation levers and capitalize on digital transformation. These PEs are now expanding their focus to accelerate product modernization, invest in product line expansion, and optimize engineering talent for their portfolio companies.

To help kickstart these conversations, Persistent has created the Private Equity Leadership Roundtable Series. The objective is to bring PE leaders together with enterprise software portfolio companies to share the best practices, challenges, and benefits of building new, innovative, and effective value creation strategies.

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Private Equity Leadership Roundtable


Identifying new value creation levers: 5 takeaways from our Private Equity Leadership Roundtable

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