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The 3 Steps to Secure IAM Modernization

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When organizations modernize their Identity and Access Management (IAM), they have three fundamental requirements: an understanding of current capabilities, a migration strategy to transform the IAM infrastructure, and finally, the staff with the expertise to execute the plan. The challenges on the way from legacy IAM to a modern IAM infrastructure are manifold and should be considered beforehand.

Join KuppingerCole Senior Analyst Richard Hill and Swapnil Mehta, General Manager – Identity, Access & Privacy at Persistent Systems, as they will share insights on –

  • Understanding of your organization’s IAM capabilities
  • About current trends and challenges in IAM modernization
  • To establish a transformation plan from legacy IAM to the new infrastructure
  • About the challenges that come with IAM implementation
  • How automation reduces the burden on operations teams


Richard Hill | Persistent Systems Events

Richard Hill

Senior Analyst,

Explains why IAM modernization is an important foundation for digital transformation and how KuppingerCole’s paradigm of an Identity Fabric helps in a well-planned but phased IAM migrations.

Swapnil Mehta | Persistent Systems Events

Swapnil Mehta

General Manager, Identity, Access & Privacy,
Persistent Systems

Shows how automation can significantly improve visibility into current IAM implementation, reduce burden off operations teams, accelerate IAM deployments, and reduce IT Risk.

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Implement Identity platforms 2x Faster using Unity framework

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