Unlock Core Modernization: Insights and Strategies

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Credit unions are looking to add an abstraction layer to their CORE, which will allow them to build more modern applications. As Credit Unions continue to look to modernize their data strategy and deliver modern mobile and web experiences for their members, this will be a key path forward. Digital roadmaps will only continue to accelerate as member expectations rise.

As member expectations rise, digital roadmaps will only accelerate. Members are comparing credit unions not only to competitors like large banks and fintech startups, but also to their favorite eCommerce platforms and applications.

Come join Chad Griffin, CIO at League Data Ltd., Robin Smith, Regional Vice President North America at Mambu, and Karan Maini, Vice President BFSI at Persistent Systems for a panel discussion on how credit unions can augment their CORE to help drive innovation.

During this webinar, three credit union IT leaders will share their unique experiences driving digital transformation. How did they unlock their core banking systems to enable transformation? Their strategies include:

  • Creating a composable data architecture to transform member experiences
  • Starting small and scaling quickly
  • Promoting a culture of experimentation to build for the future
  • Glean best practices from industry leaders who have completed multiple credit union CORE augmentation projects that help accelerate innovation and deliver member satisfaction
  • Find out how credit unions can start the process to identify trusted partners to help them on their digital transformational journey

Presented By


Chad Griffin

CEO & Founder | League Data

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Robin Smith

Regional Vice President, North America | Mambu

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Karan Maini

VP, BFSI, Persistent Systems

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