Connect.IT with MuleSoft — Jump-start your data integration journey

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Connect.IT with MuleSoft — Jump-start your data integration journey | Persistent Systems Events
Connect Legacy Data, Perfect Connected Experiences

Your data integration strategy is the key to optimizing growth, retaining clients, driving innovation, and expanding profits. It is also the answer to the question, ‘What can see me through these uncertain times and beyond?’ Your introduction to the world of data integration will change the way you look at your legacy systems and the value you can extract from them.

Discover Persistent’s MuleSoft Integration Expertise

This joint webinar session gives you a quick look into why MuleSoft is the world’s #1 integration & API platform and how Persistent’s outcome-based delivery methodology perfectly complements it and adds business value. Learn more about our MuleSoft expertise developed through 100+ engagements and listen in as our experts share actionable insights and guidance around empowering your organization to become truly data-driven.

This quick webinar will present a use case and delivery model that provides,
  • Significant reduction in coding leading to faster delivery
  • Future-proof architecture with air-tight data security
  • API’s that are customizable, reusable and adaptable
  • Industry-specific templates created as per best-practices.

Webinar Recording: Persistent's #MuleSoft Integration Expertise

Ranjeet Bhoyar

Enterprise Architect,
Integration & Platform Solutions Group, Persistent Systems

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Vikram Kulkarni

Senior Director,

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