theCUBE Interview Series

Persistent clients are sharing their success stories with theCUBE, the leading producer of video interviews that highlight enterprise tech and thought leadership. From new advancements with Generative AI and cloud, to enabling digital transformation, clients and Persistent experts sit down with theCUBE hosts to share insights and best practices.

Leveraging GenAI and Biomechanics to Transform Sports Training with Blast Motion

Blast Motion partners with Persistent Systems and AWS to apply Generative AI and take “the art of the swing” into an entirely new dimension. Watch Bhaskar Bose, Vice President of Advanced Engineering at Blast Motion, and Pandurang Kamat, Persistent’s Chief Technology Officer, discuss this innovative solution.

Keeping the Pulse on Real-Time Customer Sentiment with Generative AI

Notified utilizes GenAI to identify journalists and influencers based on their published content and populate its media contacts tracker. And the company has plans to add even more GenAI-powered capabilities. Learn more in this interview with Dmitriy Khots, VP of Data Science at Notified, and Asheesh Sharma, Associate Vice President of Engineering Google Business Unit at Persistent.

Managing a Business Unit Carve-out with Simon Ingram from Onclusive

Onclusive is both a carve-out and a roll-up that needed to be set up as an independent company, and it partnered with Persistent to navigate its technological and organizational transformation. Watch this interview with Simon Ingram, Senior Vice President of Technology at Onclusive, and Rajasekhar Sukumar, Senior Vice President and Head of Europe at Persistent, to learn how Onclusive charted the best digital transformation course.

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