AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) is exceptionally useful for creating application and system alerts, sending text messages, emails, notifications, and pushing communication from one system to numerous other systems, all using a fully managed service that does not need any maintenance.

Before you get started with SNS, there are various factors that you’ll need to think through. How do you set up these alerts and notifications and how do you integrate them with other AWS services such as Lambda, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and X-Ray?  How can you be sure that you have configured them correctly without any performance and security issues cropping up later?

This whitepaper contains everything that you need to know about using AWS SNS including reference code for real-life projects. We share recommendations to make optimal use of AWS SNS for use cases that pop up frequently. We also provide five reference architectural patterns that use this service and show you how to implement some of the best practices related to application integration and orchestration in AWS.

Read the whitepaper to hit the ground running and see value quickly from AWS SNS.