Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020-21
Resilience, Relationships, Reinvention

Reflecting upon the past year, there were three key attributes to the Company’s success — resilience, relationships and reinvention.
These three themes were a constant for Persistent through these challenging times and will provide the foundation for our future growth.

Despite many pressures, our employees faced during the pandemic, they remained strong, flexible and focused. We delivered high performance and business continuity not only for Persistent, but most importantly, our clients. Along with our partner ecosystem, we worked diligently to ensure our clients established the new cloud-enabled digital foundation that is critical to not only help them survive the last year but thrive in the long term.

Our teams proactively partnered with their clients as they charted their paths to digital acceleration. We provided differentiated, higher value and outcome-based engagement models. This last year strengthened our relationships for the long term and it was a visceral reminder that our decades of focus on client centricity is a winning strategy. Relationships matter.

We drew on our 30 years of Digital Engineering experience and deep expertise in the latest cloud technologies. We now work with our clients to imagine, engineer, modernize, and manage the new software required to run fully digital businesses. Change is constant and it is only accelerating. As a Company, we continue to reinvent ourselves, evolving into a solution-focused innovator, bringing the most advanced technologies to our clients to help them do the same.

Annual Report 2019-20
2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Persistent’s founding

Our journey has taken us from building market leading software products for ISV partners to becoming a global leader of digital transformation.

2020 also brought a global event few anticipated. We are grateful for the fast flexibility of our team to work remotely while providing continuity to our partners and clients.

Organizations now realize the urgent imperative in moving to become digital-first and we are well positioned to help clients make that transition. With our digital mosaic approach, we are building the ideal and unique combination of powerful cloud-based platforms, applications and tools for our clients, working with many of the leading cloud companies as partners.

We are excited to continue this journey.

Annual Report 2018-19
Shaping the future of software driven business

In recent years, our capabilities of value have enabled us to have a seat at the business design tables with customers in the Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Industrial Sectors. We remain committed and capable of delivering value to these companies and help them build resilient technology-driven
business models.

Our exclusive focus on shaping new faces or projecting new personalities is an advantage for us, free of the baggage or legacy of outdated ways of doing business. This will distinguish us favorably with customers and as a business that is shaping the future of software driven business in each of these industry markets.

We are excited to continue this journey.

Annual Report 2017-18
Navigating Technology Shifts

Technology shifts are leading to disruption in the industry and every business is under pressure to transform. Our industry is no different!

The need for change is universal. Over the last few years, we have invested in building tools, establishing partnerships, and getting our teams skilled in next generation technologies and techniques.

In this year’s annual report, we highlight how our teams are in the cockpit and in the control tower to help our customers navigate their business in this environment.

Annual Report 2016-17
Life at Persistent

Last year our Annual Report was about Continuous Transformation by Design. We are preaching digital transformation to our customers and we practice what we preach. We successfully transformed our business from outsourced product development to helping our customers become software driven businesses. As our business is transforming so is our workforce!

For us, continuous transformation by design is not just a business principle, but a life-changing one. In this year’s annual report, we showcase how we are leveraging this idea to our own organization by putting to practice the principles of digital transformation to transform the lives of the people in our organization.

Annual Report 2015-16
Continuous Transformation by Design

Over the last few years, we have seen an exponential growth in the proliferation of devices and sensors which are generating large volume of data, our ability to exploit cloud computing for storage and compute at scale at affordable prices, and the speed and wide reach of high-bandwidth communication channels.

The wide availability of mobile devices has ensured that each one of us has our own personal window to contribute, interact and respond to all that is happening around us on the internet. We live in a culture where we want access to information and want to respond instantaneously.

Advances in technology to manage large volume of data, coupled with advances in automation and machine-learning, has made it possible for us to monitor, observe and respond to changes in the world around us.

Running a business in this fast-changing and demanding world is both a stimulating and formidable challenge. This overwhelming and relentless pace of change is causing continuous disruption. The process is continuous and we must respond — by design!

Annual Report 2014-15
Bringing Software to Life and Life to Software

Over the last 25 years, software has become ubiquitous in our life. Every aspect of our life is enabled by software, and it is hard to imagine life without software.

Over the last 50 years, software has evolved radically and has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. In the early years, software was restricted to computers that filled large rooms. After the PC was launched, computers found their way to every desktop. Computers became more accessible and every professional was working with software.

Over the last 25 years, computers, and hence software, has reached every single human being and touched every aspect of life. Mobile phones of today are more powerful than the fastest computers of the past, and billions of people across the world have information at their finger-tips through their mobile devices. Internet has connected us in ways beyond our imagination.

As we look forward, tens of billions of connected sensors will collect data across the universe. This data will be processed in real-time in a cloud-based environment, and will provide helpful insights to help us make our lives more exciting and fulfilling.

We are fortunate to have been part of ‘Bringing Software to Life and Life to Software’ for the last 25 years, and we look forward to an exhilarating future.

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