Cazena is a leading, cloud-first provider of fully-managed Big Data as a Service. Cazena’s cloud solutions accelerate data and analytics initiatives, eliminate the risks associated with do-it-yourself Data DevOps, and help teams achieve flexibility and elasticity with Big Data storage and compute requirements, all while meeting the highest level of security, governance and compliance standards.

Companies rely on Cazena to power data science and Big Data analytics around the globe. Cazena solutions are delivered in weeks, guaranteed production-ready for secure data loading and capable of analytics with any tool or method. Everything is fully-managed and automated, so no new resources are required for deployment or operations.

Organizations use Cazena for enterprise wide or LOB initiatives involving cloud data lake as a service, data science , analytics, data warehouses, data marts or other Big Data projects. It embeds best of breed software from Cloudera, Azure, AWS and others – adding security, automation, analytics, 24 X 7 operations, support and more.

Cazena’s fully-managed and secure cloud model has made it the top choice for global industries such as pharma, financial services, travel management, education, real estate and retail.

Persistent Systems is a global reseller, analytics and engineering partner of Cazena since 2018. By leveraging our experience in delivering complex Big Data implementations, Analytics solutions and Cloud migration projects, we offer Cazena to our customer IT organizations to help them accelerate the complete self-service data experience.

We offer a range of tools and services.

  • Self Service Data Lake
    Companies can get a complete set of self-service analytics capabilities with Cazena’s self-service data lake. The solution includes Persistent’s no-code data analytics platform called Accelerite ShareInsights, which makes it easy for anyone to explore, transform, model and visualize big and complex datasets, and deliver actionable insights in hours.
  • Cloud Kickstart
    Persistent offers following programs to enable any organization to kick-start their cloud data migration journey:

    • 30-mins Introduction to Fully managed Big Data Platform: This is well-suited for technology, data, IT and line-of-business leaders, who want to accomplish their cloud centric data vision.
    • 4-hour Workshop to help chart the Self-Service Data Journey: This is well-suited for enterprise leaders, who have identified data initiatives or data-driven business objectives and would like to learn how the self-service data platform can be integrated with their data and utilized to implement their business objectives within weeks rather than years.
    • 4-week Fast-start Proof of Value: This is well-suited for organizations that have defined & budgeted data projects and want to evaluate the speed and capability of the self-service data platform on Azure or Amazon AWS.

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