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Domo is a leading cloud-native platform built from the ground up to empower people and teams with data, helping them unlock the complete value of their digital systems. As a Domo reseller and implementation partner, Persistent helps you unleash the power of Domo to access data across all your systems and turn it into insights. Whether you wish to deploy Domo, connect to the countless data sources in your organization, or build an app using its low-code capabilities, Persistent is here to help you embrace the full potential of Domo.


Persistent offers multiple programs to help organizations embark on their data-driven digital transformation journey with Domo.

Connectors for Every Need

Pull data from multiple systems effortlessly and quickly put it into action. Domo offers the best-of-breed connectors to easily connect to various databases both on-premises and on the cloud along with cloud-based applications such as Salesforce and Google Drive.

Data-Driven Digital Transformation Workshop

Learn how Domo can help you deliver an improved user experience with your data and achieve business objectives within days, not months. Get up to speed with Domo’s ability to help your organization accelerate decision making with data.

Rapid Proof of Value

De-risk your data initiatives and conceptualize the road ahead with a quick proof of value delivered within a few weeks. Experience the speed and power of Domo’s ETL, storage, visualization, and app-building capabilities for yourself with a rapid prototype.

Domo Implementation and Adoption

Get a customized Domo implementation tailored to your needs. With Persistent, you can fully utilize the wide range of capabilities that Domo offers from data discovery and data preparation to quality assessment pre-ingestion and low-code app development.

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