Oracle Identity Governance

Oracle Identity Governance

The REST API for Oracle Identity Governance Is Here

Persistent Systems is a Gold member of the Oracle Partner Network and an Oracle Partner of the Year in Security three times in the last three years. Oracle’s identity and security technology lie at the heart of many companies critical corporate infrastructure. By taking an end user’s point of view, Persistent Systems can help its customers move identity, security, and compliance from back office overhead to strategic programs that support business units objectives. With a close engineering relationship with Oracle product teams, its own innovative IP, and experienced services team, Persistent Systems can help you with your identity and security programs.

Compliance, Threat & Protection: Security

Persistent Systems offers comprehensive identity solutions and services. Services and offerings include assessments, design/architecture, upgrades, implementation, innovative IP, hosting, and manage services, both in the cloud and on premise. Our Security offerings focus has been in these 3 key areas – Threat & Vulnerability Management, Access Management, and Identity Governance and Risk management.



How Can Persistent Help?
Governance Risk & Compliance

Account creation, management and access must be secured, of course, against ever-evolving threats. But they must also be governed according to federal, state and industry regulations, as well as by internal compliance. Threats must be identified, risk quantified, and policies created to mitigate them. Persistent’s security practice understands this overlap as well as the deltas between security and compliance, and how to implement policies that enforce security while also satisfying auditors’ demands and addressing risk.


Keeping the enterprise safe cannot be an afterthought; it should be woven into the very DNA of all your systems. This includes integrations between on premise, Cloud, and partner assets. Persistent Systems takes a comprehensive, holistic view of security, addressing the identification and mitigation of threats and vulnerabilities; identity and access management; and both the internal and external requirements for governance, risk management, and audit compliance.

Digital Transformation

Upgrading software versions, replacing old boxes with new, adding horizontal or vertical scalability, address capacity for storage and processing. But they don’t further the cause of evolution, of discovering new ways to do new things. Don’t stop at simple modernization. Learn how to transform your business, find new revenue streams and outreach channels, monetize your data and services, become the enterprise you’d always hoped you’d be.

Digital Enterprise on Oracle Cloud

Your business use cases, policies for customers, procedures for satisfying users and partners and auditors and management, all the things that go into your business plan, you can’t escape these. But you can ease the rest of your burden, by running your critical systems in a secure, robust and scalable cloud. Let Persistent and Oracle concentrate on the infrastructure, the database, the development tools, the backups, and the rest of the platform, while you concentrate on being successful.

Biometric Authentication

The password may or may not be dead, but it certainly isn’t well. The assurance in simple credentials can’t keep up with the needs of the cloud economy and the governance it requires. What you know isn’t nearly as undeniable as what you are. The power of your voice, your fingertip, your own face, even your heartbeat, lets you announce to the enterprise, this is me and you can take that to the bank. Persistent Systems’ can incorporate the lasted in biometric technology along with its own innovative orchestration technology to raise security while eliminating passwords from the enterprise.

Custom RESTful APIs

Out of the box, Persistent’s Ignite Oracle Identity Governance REST API’s keep users and apps safe and compliant. But when you need to go beyond security, when you need to dive into non-identity functions, Persistent’s deep expertise in REST can give you more control, connectivity, and custom calls, built on leading-edge technology. Persistent Ignite REST API’s expose the functionality of the powerful and full featured Identity stack for simple integration into your enterprise. Talk to us about how we can digitally transform even your most micro of micro-transactions

Managed Services

Nobody knows your business better than you do. And nobody knows how to deliver secure, compliant, and business-enabling backend systems like Persistent. Devote yourself to customers, partners and profits, while Persistent devotes itself to the oversight and health of your services. We keep the lights on and the dishes done so you can entertain your important guests: users, data, and applications. We monitor, we alert, we upgrade, we remain steady, so you can go about your business.

Architects On Demand

Persistent doesn’t sell widgets or cars or tee shirts. Our product is US. We recruit, train, and provide to our customers the collective guidance of our thought leaders in security, compliance, development, database, and a host of other domains that help enterprises reach the next stage of their evolution. Our subject matter experts design and build systems that secure and regulate the processes enabling your users, while you enable the processes that generate your profits. You have smart guys who make you money? We have smart guys who make you safe and compliant.

Enhanced UX on top of Oracle

The promise of the new digital universe is a marriage of business delivery and user expectations. The eyeballs on your interfaces come to you with what they’ve seen and come to demand in enterprise interaction. Persistent’s simplified, intuitive, and responsive front-end on the Oracle architecture represents the very best in User Experience. It beckons, it responds, it delivers what you need to find what you need and act upon it with all the relevant data. We literally went out and grabbed award-winning experiential designers to create a functional, memorable and beautiful face on the power of Oracle. With the Persistent UX, you don’t access the application. You immerse yourself in it.

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