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Zinnov Zones for Digital Services – 2019

Zinnov positions Persistent Systems amongst the leading players in ‘Zinnov Zones for Digital Services – 2019’ Report

The shift towards a software-driven future and focus on “How” drives recognition across categories

In its recently released report, ‘Zinnov Zones for Digital Services – 2019,’ Zinnov positions Persistent Systems among the leading players for its digital competencies. From its inception in 2009, Zinnov Zones has become one of the most trusted reports globally, for corporates and enterprises to evaluate the vendor ecosystem across myriad domains.

Zinnov Zones for Digital Services: Overall Ratings

Persistent is placed in the Leadership zone for the following categories:

Overall Digital services

Digital Strategy & Consulting

Application & Platform Development

UI/UX & Customer Experience Management

Legacy Modernization

Data Analytics and AI

Zinnov Zones for Digital Services 2019 is a comprehensive analysis of the Top Global Technology Service Providers across 33 distinct parameters. The ratings involve assessment of the digital prowess and scalability of providers across their digital offerings, ecosystem leverage, composition of digital workforce, composition of digital clientele, business models and outlook while considering their scale of digital business, digital clientele and digital talent.

I would like to congratulate Persistent Systems for their great positioning in the 2019 edition of Zinnov Zones for Digital Services report. Persistent’s Software 4.0 approach is central to its digital prowess and helps them architect, engineer, and deliver digital or software-driven business solutions with agility and at scale. Persistent also has a strong focus on the newest and the next waves of disruptive technologies. This focus, along with its co-innovation capabilities and platform-centric approach to digital helps them command leadership in the industry.

Praveen Bhadada, Partner & Global Head – Transformation, Zinnov

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