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Creating Transformational Value for Private Equity Firms

Empowering Private Equity firms throughout the investment lifecycle.

As PE firms increasingly intensify investments in software companies, they are looking to maximize investment returns within a set timeframe, with profit and revenue growth being their focus. As valuations reach historic highs and competitions intensify, PE firms need to reprioritize their growth levers and take a partner led approach to improve pricing multiples.

With 30 years of software product engineering experience, Persistent brings together the right expertise, operating models, and infrastructure required to help PE firms derive value throughout the investment lifecycle in software companies.

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Technology Due Diligence

  • Due diligence to identify technical debt
  • Product portfolio analysis and rationalization planning
  • IT tools consolidation and rationalization
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Digital Transformation in Private Equity

  • Technology Enablement – UX, architecture, platform, infrastructure refresh
  • Growth – Innovation acceleration, talent acquisition
  • Rationalize Cost – Right shoring, consolidation, and automation
  • M&A integrations & migrations
infographic enablement of the 100 day plan

Enabling the 100-Day Plan

  • Global Technology Centers at PE firm level
  • Preferred engagement models
  • White labelled support for end customers

Transformation Services

Digital Transformation

Design, industry and technology expertise to drive transformative business outcome.

Tools & Tech Transformation

Automation, orchestration & consolidation interventions driven by modernization of Core IT operations.

Process Transformation

Service management expertise aimed at improving efficiency, reporting, governance & compliance.

Cost Transformation

Organizing service delivery, talent and financial constructs to meet goals of PE firms.

Talent Transformation

Deploying the right skills sets, towards the right work-streams, at the right time.

Persistent Labs

Standing by operating partners’ bold imperative of PE’s value creation.

Learn how PE firms can drive value from investments in software companies with our digital product engineering services that reach across every stage of the software product life cycle to accelerate software innovation, development and modernization initiatives.

Client Success

K-2 Leveraging agile to turn idea into a product and bring it to market, fast

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Client Success
VC firm K-2 leverages agile and Persistent to turn an idea into a product and bring it to market, fast!
Persistent Systems Client - K2 venture Capital

K-2 Leveraging agile to turn idea into a product and bring it to market, fast

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Why Persistent?
Product Engineering DNA

30-year legacy of leadership in software product engineering and digital transformation.

Partners in Innovation

Excellent track record with clients and partner of choice for the world’s leading software product companies.

Innovation-led, business-aligned

Combining the power of automated tool-based approach with integrated service delivery model.

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