Gartner Report: Break-down 3 barriers to cloud migration

Discover how to conquer the three main barriers to successful cloud migration through standardized, modernized, and repeatable infrastructure.

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Moving to Cloud?

Almost every organization is involved in a digital transformation program. And cloud plays a foundational part of this transformation.

However moving to the cloud from a traditional data center environment can be daunting. Where do you begin? How do you staff such an effort? Many organizations have not succeeded in meeting their goals, primarily due to technological complexities impacting their journey.

Gartner in its report “Break Down 3 Barriers to Cloud Migration” states that in all cases, Infrastructure & Operations teams face three key barriers when migrating existing applications:

Size- Large applications are less portable


Large applications are less portable. I&O leaders cannot yet migrate applications larger than 6TB on a single VM.

Customization- Non standardized applications


Non standardized applications are not compatible with cloudlike infrastructure.

Cloud providers often lack the transitional and transformational skills


Cloud providers often lack the transitional and transformational skills to drive modernization initiatives.

Read this Gartner report to learn how infrastructure and operations leaders can use standardized, modernized, and repeatable infrastructure to deliver efficient infrastructure services while managing cost and risk.

What Gartner is saying

By 2024, 30% of custom enterprise applications will run in a container environment, up from less than 10% in 2020.

I&O leaders must enable application migration by ensuring that on-premises IT infrastructure becomes cloudlike.

Gartner, Break Down 3 Barriers to Cloud Migration, Philip Dawson, Refreshed
6 June 2022, Published 17 February 2021
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