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Improve agility and optimize cost to maximize the ROI of your Salesforce investments.

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Intelligent Managed Support Service (iMSS) Offering focuses on platform Value Realization, Improved Agility and optimizing “Run” cost by using CombineOps.

A successful Salesforce go-live is just the beginning of the journey; actual transformations start post Go-live. As businesses continue to drive digital transformation utilizing Experience 360, new requirements emerge, and roles shift across the organization.


That’s where our intelligent Managed Support Services (iMSS) comes to play. We provide full stack support capability using SmartOps, Agility-based Ops, AIOps and GPT-driven framework to run your business better. We focus on transforming SLA-driven engagement into a more persona-driven KPI-led experience.

Our flexible, modular, and cost-effective iMSS offering enables platform value realization and improves agility while optimizing ‘run’ cost.

No matter where you are in your Salesforce journey, our iMSS team can ensure you leverage this powerful platform to its fullest capabilities and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Don’t just Go Live, go with iMSS – The transformation starts here
  • Optimize run cost of project through flexible, modular, and cost effective iMSS offerings
  • iMSS – Experience the agility-based Ops powered AI
  • Transformation from SLA / KPI driven engagement to experience-driven engagement using iMSS
  • iMSS combines AI Ops and Smart Ops to ensure seamless business experience
  • iMSS offers smart cost solutions for dynamic business requirements
  • iMSS produces templatized solutions for quick transitions of project to steady state
Operating Model
SF Managed Services Operating Model

Integrated Operations - Framework and Accelerators
Integrated Operations - Framework and Accelerators

Why Persistent Salesforce Intelligent Managed Support Service

Persistent is a Salesforce Summit Partner and Managed Service Provider partner for global organizations across geographies. We believe that the business transformation journey with Salesforce applications does not end with go-live – it’s an ongoing journey which requires appropriate governance.

Post go-live, our Salesforce iMSS team can do anything and everything as per business requirements to ensure business continuity, including SRE -based Ops, DevSecOps, and traditional managed service.

18+ years of rich domain experience

2,600+ Salesforce consultants, including T -shaped engineers

5,400+ Salesforce certifications

1500+ Salesforce engagements across the globe

200+ SF Resources working on SF iMSS engagements at any given time

Delivered 55+ larger iMSS projects across BFSI, hi-tech, telecom, and mobility

Longest-running Salesforce iMSS engagement is 72 months and continuing

70% of our Salesforce iMSS engagements are running for more than 12 months

Level-2/Level-3 support to Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) based approach, DevOps and DevSecOps

Multiple support coverage options, including 24x7, 16x5, 12x5, 8x5, on-call

Follow the Sun support which includes various time zones, including APAC, Europe, EST, CST, PST

Offer early engagement model for smooth and seamless transition

Salesforce iMSS Engagement Model

Our next-gen engagement model is a flexible, modular, and cost-effective Salesforce Intelligent Managed Service offering focusing on platform value realization and improved agility while optimizing run cost. We specialize in transforming SLA/KPI-based engagement to business outcome-based model which can be measured by agreed metrics.

Catering to clients’ business needs, Persistent offers onshore-nearshore-offshore-based cost-effective solution to provide 24X7 support through multiple operating models.

Dedicated Operating Model
  • Dedicated Support Services with dedicated staffing
  • Suitable for high ticket, multi-cloud environments
  • Multiple commercial model options
  • Committed response and resolution SLAs
  • Flexible coverage
  • Mix of core and flex services available

Shared Operating Model
  • Shared Support Services with shared staffing
  • Suitable for low ticket environments
  • Flexible commercial model
  • Committed response SLAs
  • Fixed coverage
  • Additional services available on demand basis

Hybrid Operating Model
  • Hybrid Support Services with mixed staffing (dedicated & shared)​
  • Suitable for multi-cloud service ticket environments
  • Flexible commercials
  • Committed response SLAs
  • Additional services available on demand basis

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